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kashikoma getchu.gif
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I SAW two beings in the hues of youth
Standing upon a hill, a gentle hill,
Green and of mild declivity, the last
As ’twere the cape of a long ridge of such,
Save that there was no sea to lave its base,
But a most living landscape, and the wave
Of woods and cornfields, and the abodes of men
Scatter’d at intervals, and wreathing smoke
Arising from such rustic roofs; the hill
Was crown’d with a peculiar diadem
Of trees, i haato-like array, so fix’d,
Not by the sport of nature, but of man:
These two, an idle and a youth, were there
Gazing—the one on all that was beneath
Fair as herself—but the loli gazed on her;
And both were young, and one was beautiful:
And both were young—yet not alike in youth.
As the sweet moon on the horizon’s verge,
The maid was on the eve of womanhood;
The loli had fewer summers, but her heart
Had far outgrown her years, and to her eye
There was but one beloved Aikatsu and Pripara Thread,
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cunting system
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2nd for dorothy
Is Idol Time's headmistress "no fun allowed" like in early PriPara?

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It's okay, we're all a little lazy sometimes.
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Find a flaw
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Killua, though the others make up for his shittiness.
Rather boring with all the over exposition going on.

Also Killua pretended he got abused despite his family being really nice to him all along.
It's never going to end in our lifetime.

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1012KB, 852x478px
Which character has the best taste in shoes?
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r8 these kicks
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hot nazi 1.jpg
317KB, 793x1024px

also which character deserves a drink the most

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Episode 2 soon.
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cute_hanako_eight (8).png
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You're walking through the park and come across a little girl making exasperated sounds. As you approach, you realize she is trying to push a button high up on a vending machine, but can't quite reach.

What do you do?
>Press the button for her then pat her head when she says "D-domo arigatou gozaimasu."
>Get down on one knee and let her climb up on your leg to reach the button
>Put your hands under her arms and lift her up to reach the button
>Push her down and call her a short little faget
>Drag her behind a nearby bush and do unspeakable things to her armpits
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>Put your hands under her arms and lift her up to reach the button

Probably this.
How old is she again?

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Could you find a dumb girl cute? Attractive even?
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File: 1371522653849.jpg (73KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't see why not
Dumb girls are less intimidating to me.
I love Hotori

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Oh haa~!
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Is that alpha or beta suzu?
Beta > Alpha
Fight me
No. That is the right opinion. I can't imagine ANYONE who would prefer Zero Suzu over beta Suzu

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Who will be the best girl in the inevitable Persona 5 anime?
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It doesn't matter because whoever it is still won't be as good as Maya.
File: 1474182670998.jpg (51KB, 857x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Tae best girl.I went for her in my 1st game.
She looks like a cheap whore.

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It's me! edition
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Fuck off and kill yourself.
I love posting about this film!
Waiting patiently for those BDs, if all this hype is even half warranted it should be good at least.

Also, this

Chapter 250 spoilers out. More boring Hana shit, as expected.
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Can we have one of these threads? It has been a while.
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Yaa, gomen gomen.
Okaerinasai Shit thread
File: TADAIMA~.jpg (61KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Who would win in a fist-fight?
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Akko is from the hood.
honestly thought they had a bit more of a height difference

Ow, the edge.
He's right, you know
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Reminder to vote for Celica
File: 1490764290417.jpg (117KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Reminder that we're done for

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Ch. 862 Intellectual Type

Jinbe tries to wake Luffy up, but he isn't showing any sings of waking.
Everyone cheers as A gigantic wedding cake is brought out.
As Big Mom's children surround the Vinsmokes' seats, Reiju prepares herself to die.
As Luffy finally wakes and heads towards the venue, the ceremony has begun.
Katakuri is bewildered as he sees the future where Pudding breaks down crying.

When Pudding shows Sanji her third eye, Sanji tells her in an air of wonder, "It's a beautiful eye"
Pudding breaks down crying and recalls her childhood where her third eye was a source of bullying, and even Big Mom was creeped out, so she was told to hide it with her bangs. And it was due to these incidents that her personality began to become warped.

If Big Mom decides that Pudding is of no use, then she will signal Father to shoot Sanji.
Katakuri sees the future where Sanji dodges Father's shot, so he shoots at Sanji but Sanji avoids this shot by the skin of his teeth.

At the signal of Katakuri's shot, Luffy begins his entrance into the ceremony, and countless number of Luffy's come flying out of the wedding cake.

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Pudding is CUTE and NAKAMA
SHs are going to take Pudding as a prisoner. Mark my words.

Pudding is literally DAT EVERYTHING

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