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Are backgrounds overrated?
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Why are you complaining about a lack of backgrounds in such small panels?

Read the shiki manga.
Enjoy the uncanny valley.
Be a better art critic for it.
Become a superior human to what that what you were before even if you hate the plot.
This page is so unfocused. The layout is terrible, the center panel is going to be split in half if you were reading this in print, the flow of panels from left to right is this awkward sequence.

The only panels that work are the last two because Brooks is supposed to be an unexpected event so the fact that he kind of sneaks in during a big scene works. Everything else is mediocre for Oda, I've seen him do much better than this.

>That empty feeling you get after finishing an anime/manga
What's her name /a/?
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Girls und Panzer
Anything good, man.
I know I'll feel it after I finish Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

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Etofag mass suicide edition
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post the superior translation at least

i'm not sure whether that is a correct translation, since it erases the ambiguity
This whole chapter was a setup for Touka dying, wasn't it?

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I want lick dat belly
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>searched catalog
>no thread
>mfw missed the threads
Thank for this my fellow hinako bro.
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Why are they so great together?
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They were literally made for eachother.
because he calls her pretty
That's it
they come from similar backgrounds

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*blocks your path*
/a/ is not one person.
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Everyone likes slayers

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Is it wrong still to pick Hestia as the best girl ?
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Yes because Lili is superior.
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Since when?
might as well, it's impossible to sympathize with the dead behind the eyes, impenetrable sword princess who conveniently also lacks the articulation to tell us what the fuck her motives are

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anime challenge.png
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Can you survive the challenge /a/?
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I did. Even did a second pass with 1.5 times the episodes.
Sometimes these days I don't even think I can watch a single cour show in 30 days.

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Would they get along if they existed in the same show?
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Tomoko would despise Umaru
Tomoko hates Otakus and popular girls.

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I get wanting national pride, but holy shit this is a blatant fucking lie.
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They keep lying like this, and we're gonna see how many nukes the samurai can actually cut mid-air.
Let's make sure to not forget to send a second one just because we can just like last time.
The japanese are some of the whiniest and most asshurt nations on earth when it comes to WW2. Feel lucky that you can't read japanese or else you'd be subjected to 24 hour non-stop asspain.

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How fucked are you?
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Pretty well fucked
Not much. What could an ent possibly do to me? Crawl up my urethra?
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Pretty good.

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Awww yeaa, wish they'd stop repeating last episode

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Tell me /a/
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Boko no Pico
School Days

I miss Youjo Senki
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YS misses you.
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>No word on season 2 yet
Life sucks
I do too. Every Friday I'd get Popeyes and watch Youjo Senki. It was a good thing I had going.

Kubo is that you
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>Jun and Goro equivalent

shit chpater
you'll never be happy

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