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I know a lot of people think it's shit, but I'm a sucker for romance stories. Here we see a girl falling in love!
And the drama the follows it.
She tries to confess, but she's too autistic.

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Sum up your childhood anime experience in one picture
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Why does this look doctored?
I need to rewatch DM sonetime.
Shit was legit hilarious for me.

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>he likes HanaKana and Minase Inori
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>He doesnt like HanaKana and Minase Inori
Ayachi is still superior though.
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>they don't like Kaji Yuki
>they aren't faggots
I don't see the problem.

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New episode today in about ~3 hours. Subs in about ~5 (according to hs)
Here's for aots
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This show doesn't seem to get much attention here, a shame.
First episode was great.
>Generic haremshit
Why are you here?

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Pudding Thread
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Sanji and Pudding are a miracle of the universe.
I love both of them lots and lots
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Pudding for next pirate king!

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I really liked the way this artist used light and dark. It rides the line between oversimplistic and a complete fucking mess like Blame; holy fuck how can anyone understand what happens in Blame, I mean wew.
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So this happens when I open a BakaBT link now.

Did they finally realize people were just downloading without seeding?

How do I get older chinese cartoons now?
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And what was the conclusion in said thread?
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And next OP will shamelessly beg and plead for an invite, others will join in, and the thread will inexplicably make it to 600 posts.

Aye matey, time to plunder that idle booty.
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I wish Elza hadn't been so quick to do a 180 on Rola after her whole "I can tell an Idol's worth from one glance at their aura." Was also hoping for more Koharu than we got. Yume's delusion at the end of the episode was fun.

Looking forward to Lily next week.
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I don't care how, they need to get these period coords into the anime.

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>tfw the gaming club is too hardcore for you
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A summary of the manga, please ?
Hot chick invites MC to her club
Club is more about pro gaming instead of casual fun, so he refuses to join
>Not training to beat dark souls with your dick.
He doesn´t deserve to be there.

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>episode 1
>Glenn is just a cunt
>based as fuck
>hope it's going to be a show where the MC is just a lecherous, sniveling dickhead who learns some moral lesson, betters himself, but is still a lovable douchebag at the end
>hope he doesn't become a generic "unskilled at the basics but unconventionally intelligent which begets a deep philosophical wisdom" MC
>episode 2
>he is now unskilled at the basics but unconventionally intelligent which begets a deep philosophical wisdom
>teaching his class and enjoying it
>unflappable smart-ass instead of easily-flustered, thinly-veiled sarcastic tool who makes a prick of himself
>doing full-on ironic Mary Sue gestures as he reveals his OC Donut Steal original spell
>as they have made him into an unironic Mary Sue

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He was never based he was always an awful character from the first second.
Go be slut somewhere else sisti.
Cumming inside Sisti!

Why can't we have tunes like these for Super?

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Golden Shower.webm
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>mfw maidragon dub is actually good

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You have brain damage
because you have shit taste
i heard a snippet and it was godawful


Do you guys like bloomers?

Fuck, she's one of those obsessed chicks.
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■安心せい。はいておるわ…! おんせん59 かるら様と秘密の部屋



かるら「そなたはもう わらわのモノなのじゃ…!」

  おんせん59/おわり (次号予告なし)
>dat ass
Aww shit MUH DICK

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How FUCK can you even animate this?
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Ask QueenBee.
Its just gonna be shit and look like shit. Expect hentai level animation.
in flash
and holly shit that thing isn't funny

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