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>4 episode "final chapter" OVA
>meido hishiro-san animated

i'm cryan m8s
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>See news
>ctrl+F "Hishiro"
>Only this thread, no replies
The fuck.

I'm with you OP, I'm happy we'll get to see the end animated.
Where are you seeing this? Source?
literally what

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>Incest threads keep getting deleted
>There is always at least 3 Eromanga Sensei threads up
The mods must not like real incest
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stop blogging then
That's the thing. There has been little to no blogging in the last few threads before the mods deleted them
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Fucking ruined.png
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I finished Onii-Ai a few days ago and the ending ruined Akiko for me. Why even make them siblings if they're going to say "oh they're totes not related lol"

Seriously what the fuck. I was really hoping Akito would push their bonds further but no. Even if he did it is ruined by the fact that it's NBR.

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What's his end game?
Will he kill memelogia?
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erase the current world with no survivors
to get shit on by ankhseram
How bad is power creep in fairytale I stopped reading after gray join the demons

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>The perfect waifu doesn't exis-
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Never played or watched Cladandan. What makes her so great?
She dies.
Tomoyo is better

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>Unfunny slapstick comedy
>Overused sexual jokes
>Kissing underaged heroine in the first episode
>Significantly worse animation than other KyoAni animes
We agree this is the worst right?
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hibike euph
Why did you make this bait thread? Why will it get hundreds of replies?
It's kinda shit yeah. Only memorable for the mascots and the fanservice.

Chu2 2 is still the bottom of Kyoani's barrel.

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Arisa Hands are so soft.
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Cheating whore.
Her hands aren't the only things that are soft.
Which one would you fuck in the butt?

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>what is this silly thing?
>cannot stop reading
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I don't know, but it's just about the cutest thing ever.
>chapter 9 out
Thanks nigga.
>male protag

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hestia done right.png
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Why no one is watching this show?
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>P-please watch the show, we have the meme outfit you like

I can only speak for myself, not for everyone.

1) It seems to be all about girls? At least in the promo pictures? Yeah not for me. I need hot 2d guys to watch an anime, period. Already this show is alienating all fujos and hetero women in general by this premise. Well over 50% of anime viewers.
2) Its about swordfighting or some other weird fantasy thing? Just seems lame and trite and uninteresting. You probably need to watch DanMachi to appreciate it, I dont know, but on its own it looks bad.
I'm only watching it for Hestia

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I just can't like the new opening. The ending is still good though.
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Thank god there isn't more discussion of this goldmine. I fucking hate you all and you ruin everything good.
Well now I'm intrigued.
Shit guess I better start watching this then.

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Let's start.
v06 comes out on April 18th

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koe no katachi.jpg
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This will get an Oscar
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>no American screening
No it won't.
Thank you based Kyoani
It's cringe so never. No one gets bully like that irl

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>noble phantasm strikes the heart and kills without fail
>only ever succeeds once
>when it succeeded, the victim wasn't even a servant

Being summoned as lancer class is suffering
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No, it's ability to do that requires a failed luck save roll to succeed. Otherwise you're just stabbing someone regularly. Throwing it gives your opponent a penalty to help though.

Saber probably would have died if Lancer didn't have a "don't kill anyone" command seal order fucking him over.
So your telling me that lancer purposefully whiffed gae bolg

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Is it wrong that I only watch meme anime?
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Meme animes are best animes
complete 300 shows and lurk for 2 years before posting
Is it wrong that I only watch anime that has a loli in it?

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one piece.jpg
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I just can't get over this hideous artstyle, seriously, it's a shame because I really want to try One Piece but I just can't look past this shit, it looks awful and extremely inhuman but I can't pinpoint why exactly.

JoJo also has some grotesque artstyle that keeps me away from it
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Just read the manga

The manga has the same artstyle you doofu
It's a lot better compared to the animation. Have you ever considered not being a faggot?

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How buffed will senpai be after training arc? How wet will the cotton be after seeing senpai?
>still has the undershirt
None at all. He's forever destined to be a beta male in all aspects.

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