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Why is this piece of beauty of a manga still not translated? Over the top, great dynamic art, fresh-looking protagonists

Dumping 2nd chapter since it's more interesting than the first one
Stuff that happened in the 1st chap:
>femMC is a genki policewoman, whose dad [basically detective Gumshoe] died
>she has some kinda superpower that lets her see who's gonna get killed
>menMC looks like a regular shounen scumbag villain
>he acts like a regular shounen scumbag villain
>She saves his life with her clairvoyance powers
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So, after reading through the translated chapters, here is what I think could work for the anime adaptation:

Episode 1 - Ends with finding Reg
Episode 2 - Ends with Lyza's "meet me at the bottom" note
Episode 3 - Ends with descening into the abyss
Episode 4 - Ends at the fight against the birbs
Episode 5 - Ends with meeting Ouzen
Episode 6 - Ends at the fight against Ouzen
Episode 7 - Ends at the start of the survival training
Episode 8 - Ends at the fight with the scarlet maw (big snake)
Episode 9 - Ends with Nanachi's appearance

Which leaves us with 3-4 episodes left in a season. Does anyone who has read the moonrunes have any idea of what they're gonna do with it? Can it end in a satisfying manner?
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I'm 90% sure they are going to rush the fuck out of the story to end after the fight with Bondrewd.
The real question is what kind of rating we can expect.

Is he one of us?
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Reminder that when fugging, Sisti's definitely the type that moans a lot and leglocks you while begging you to stop
He has work experience though

Did titty wizard take him in when he was a child? /ss/ doujins when?

Why is Kyoani doing this? No one cares about Free anymore.
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>No one cares about Free
Except for fujoshits.
Because people still care about Free, and it's making them a lot of money.
>this got a season fucking 3 out of all kyoani shows that didn't
I like Free, it's basically K-On with guys. I wouldn't mind a Lucky Star season 2 though.
But like it or not. Free did break the Season 3 curse KyoAni had.

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Who's ready for a Megumin volume?
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That's a lewd assfang
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Anime is becoming real

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Little Crimson Demon becomes the Demon King(Queen).
Kazuma's face when he has a MGS3 The Boss battle with Megumin.

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Please draw your waifu in Paint.
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>having a yuru as a waifu
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Who is /bestgod/?
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We barely know most of them.
Who WILL be best God?
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Amanda is the hottest witch without her own episode!
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>it's Sucy's birthday
>her friends are going to give her a whole day of something lewd and fetishy just for her
What do they do?
Akko and Diana are literally tied together by destiny.
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>Traitors must die!
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Endgame right here, brothers.

How much suffering with she get?
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Not enough.
The entire first arc is just going to be a big "she found out about Pixiv!" joke before the real villain is revealed.

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These are your pits tonight
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>top of his class in taijutsu
>top of his class in ninjutsu
>top of his class overall
>can't graduate because he's not booksmart

This is actual horseshit. They literally never said anything about a ninja being booksmart to be a fucking ninja. Naruto himself was borderline retarded for most of the first half. And the Chuunin Exam in the first part was specifically about if you weren't smart enough to answer questions then you should just cheat and steal information like an actual ninja would.

Changing times and all that bullshit, this still makes no fucking sense. Shinobi are becoming a bunch of limp-wristed faggots under Naruto's rule and he's enforcing all these bullshit policies when he himself skated through his entire life with almost no effort because he's literally ninja Jesus. No wonder there's people like Iwabe and Kawaki.
Class rep is cute!!!! C U T E ! ! ! !
>we were in war 10 years ago

w-what? Are the characters like 7 years old? Boruto wasnt born for a good number of years until after the war.

So are we all still agreed that Sunao is best girl?
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Does she like Kazuya romantically?
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>Not Kokuyou
On another note, I don't think the anime is able to capture Yoshikadu-sensei's art style and the comically casual lewdness he portrays in the manga.
But maybe it gets better, idk

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SaPu confirmed. Sanji forgave her lies before she even asks him too.

Ch. 862 Intellectual Type

Jinbe tries to wake Luffy up, but he isn't showing any sings of waking.
Everyone cheers as A gigantic wedding cake is brought out.
As Big Mom's children surround the Vinsmokes' seats, Reiju prepares herself to die.
As Luffy finally wakes and heads towards the venue, the ceremony has begun.
Katakuri is bewildered as he sees the future where Pudding breaks down crying.

When Pudding shows Sanji her third eye, Sanji tells her in an air of wonder, "It's a beautiful eye"
Pudding breaks down crying and recalls her childhood where her third eye was a source of bullying, and even Big Mom was creeped out, so she was told to hide it with her bangs. And it was due to these incidents that her personality began to become warped.

If Big Mom decides that Pudding is of no use, then she will signal Father to shoot Sanji.
Katakuri sees the future where Sanji dodges Father's shot, so he shoots at Sanji but Sanji avoids this shot by the skin of his teeth.

At the signal of Katakuri's shot, Luffy begins his entrance into the ceremony, and countless number of Luffy's come flying out of the wedding cake.

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Pudding is CUTE and NAKAMA.
god damn it I wanted her to be bad
you win faggots
you fucking win
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Subs are out
>[HorribleSubs] Sagrada Reset - 02 [720p].mkv
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why souma ...
This episode made up for the weaker first one.
So how was it

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