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She disn't do much, but why was she so great?

is it because gay?
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rich girl and thick eyebrows
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Alright lets get this shit over with

Mugi is the traditional support role. She doesn't stand out but you need her.

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Where were you when the "Ursula is a cuck" posting memed itself real?
The poor woman just can't get a break.
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Stop liking shoehorned characters and shoehorned romance.
I'm not really a fan of the 'technology is evil' theme that the last episode is pushing
Clearly anyone that tries to make life better and easier with technology is a bad person, as opposed to Luddites who are all good people
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amanda acrobats.webm
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I love that Trigger keeps fucking up this series with two crappy pretty dudes and forced romance bullshit. Then make up some cheapass excuse like they thought about bringing boys since the OVAs. Why didn't they do it while they were at it, then? Things would've been different.
This is why you don't fuck with the fans, kids. Don't change the formula if they like it very much and want to keep it like that.
Episodes 6 and 10 would have been great without the shoehorning, but the fact they just hamfisted romance and it just had to have Andrew and Frank in it. Whatever role Andrew and Frank played in those episodes, that role would have been filled better by and actually been enjoyable if it was with Lotte and Sucy or team B or Ursula or some other teacher.
The hamfisting characters or romance into an episode really takes away from the enjoyable parts, but the lackluster resolution of episode 5 doesn't take away from the good parts.
Trigger should care because this is their second fluke in a row, Kiznaiver was even worse. If they keep being so unsuccessful they are going to have a hard time finding any investors. I'm surprised they were able to find any anyways, that faggot Tattun said Trigger wasn't on the production committee so they don't see any of the profits, which means it doesn't matter to Trigger whether the show does well or not because it doesn't affect them, which means they can just fuck up the show like they tried to in episodes 6 and 10.

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How does nappa-kun have bigger muscles than jiren-sama?
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He's a big guy
anyone else get turned on by this scene? i don't know why but something about it was just very arousing
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Make or request /a/rt

Old >>155726541
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Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any of these pokemon
Rukia refs: http://imgur.com/a/qItQA
Pokemon refs: http://imgur.com/a/700pN
if another pokemon interests you that isn't pictured here feel free to ask about it
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Tamamo Llothien.png
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Requesting Tamamo in the CCC outfit, but without the fox ears and tail, and with human ears instead, having a fox mount (kind of like Llothien Prowler from WoW) that wears a face place mask. Optionally, having the axe and the lance on the right.
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Requesting Saeko pissed about something trivial, drawing her sword at anons neck

Needed more Sisti bullying.
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I want a big fat pig man to bully Sisti with its dick.
Unf, those uniforms. Would bully/10.
those uniforms are retarded, almost dropped the show because of them.

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Has there ever been a bigger upset in the anime market then Kemono Friends?
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Define 'upset'.
as in the series you expect nothing from looking at a seasonal chart in terms of quality and popularity

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Would you a psychotic bitch like Mugino?
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I want to keep my dick on my body I'll go with the other crazy to stick it in
She just needs a daily dose of good dicking to keep the homicidal thoughts away.

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>Ursula before was cool and charismatic with short hair and wears a cape
Croix before was a nerd with long hair and glasses
>Ursula now is a nerd with long hair and glasses
>Croix now is cool and charismatic with short hair and wears a cape
Why did they become each other?
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How do you feel about the cheesy DESTINED RIVALS angle they're going to play with Akko and Diana?
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Will Ursula die with a smile on her face?

ITT quotes to live by
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Raphi a best
wtf I love gabriel dropout now?

Downloading now.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? Thread

Did you like it?
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>weaponized lolis in an age without lolis in anime
I like it.
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Ep1 Loli Thrust1.webm
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Ep1 Loli Thrust2.webm
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Mitsuha is a SLUUUUUT
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that a girl that wants to be a tokyo boy!

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will Rem protect Subaru's smile
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Rem is in a permanent vegetable state if season 2 would ever exist, which probably won't happen.

So no
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Perfect end.jpg
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.
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Dude was a total creep in the WN. She's the one who made his smile worth protecting.

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Why are lolis so verboten?
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Sharo is a good girl and she wasn't abused by anyone.
Because there are no good loli series to talk about so every thread devolves into shitposting.

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18 year old Yuki Yuna.png
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This is what Yuna looks like when she's 18 years old.
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Good thing she is going to sacrifice herself in S2 before that happens.
What does Fuu look like when she's 18 years old?
Like a bird.

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Which Ama would you Gami?
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I'm sure that I would have a happy and fulfilling marriage with any of them, thanks for asking.
Gimme the Ai.

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