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Oreki is a very realistic depiction of severe depression, desu.
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Don't see it. He was generally melancholic but not clinically depressed.
Would dysthymia fit him better?

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Do you think David Productions shouldn't risk a mistake after 4 great adaptations? JoJo has jumped the shark? etc.
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>4 great adaptations?

Slideshows aren't great adaptions
Why does Giorno die at the end of part 5? If there will be an anime adaptation, consider the outrage from the animeonlies when they see Giorno impaled and die.
Don't pretend, they'll love it just because DIO comes back to save him

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How do you f/a/t fucks read your manga?
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With my eyes.
My eyes scan the words on the screen and then that goes to my thinking center so I can make sense of the characters that appear before me
I use an old ipad 1 that I got for free. Comics storm is the best application I found that works on old ios, and I just download shit from madokami


Previous thread:
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pol's Nightmare.png
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What would you do in this situation?
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Is this the latest update in Terra Formars?
Wish that he'd finish Prison School so we can get some more of this.
Those are niggers not roaches you fucking newfag

Why is there so little 4k anime? It's not like they shot it on cameras just increase the resolution I don't get it
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Name 1(one) anime in native 4K.
because it would be pricey as fuck to produce with little to no return on said investment
Because broadcasting 4k is double the load of 1080p

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How do you emulate your waifu's scent?
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By cumming on my hand and smelling it.
If you're waifu doesn't smell like your cum you're doing something wrong.
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What? Like chopping up some onions and then smelling them while you fap?
I like to imagine my waifu smells like bubblegum so I chew bubblegum.

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One of these three is in the way. Guess which?
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The boy?
Why don't they just get over their problems and just settle for a three way?

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The plot of Yu Yu Hakusho isn't very good.

Why does everyone love it?
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People like the first part more, before Togashi got tired and sick.
>Why does everyone love it?
They didn't watch past the Dark Tournament
It had a better anime adaptation than Dragon Ball

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Is it safe to safe this is a masterpiece even if you don't like tennis at first?
>the story direction flows so naturally
>a very likable cast even
>can switch from comfy to intense
>MC is pretty based
this made me change my opinion of tennis as a whole.I guess I just don't like prince of tennis. would definitely would rewatch someday.
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It's good but the pacing for the tennis games isn't the best in the manga. Not so sure about the anime.
I think the pacing is great compared to most sports anime. and the soundtrack while probably good on its own but when used at the right moments it just brings out the moment that much more. I dont want to pick up the manga since its not finished but from what I have read, the manga is still good too. what I love most is almost every character has a proper story, some character you thought you would hate but actually turned out to be great, I would definitely recommend watching the anime, even if you aren't a big fan of tennis.

another thing I love is that even if all of a sudden a player use a new technique its properly explained in that moment or in another. and they have much better explanation and portrayal of the ZONE. can really feel the details that went into this the author must really like the sport

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I think I'm in love
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shes not real
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You must be new around here

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Did he fucked a Loli goddess?
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well we know someone fucked her
Stop reminding me
he has only engaged in cunnilingus

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Satania's revenge.
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Me on the right!
Me in her hand.

Nice abs, Raphi

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honestly, if all it takes is a cartoon to get you to question your sexuality, you were never secure in it in the first place.

I've always known what I wanted.
I developed a hair fetish on that chapter where his hair goes crazy and fucks shit up.
No; srsly. Couldn't tell there for a second.

That was just trap mode.

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Friendly reminder that Sayaka is a slut.
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though I could argue that the gem is on her guts indicating valor I accept OP's headcanon
Nobody needs to be reminded. They already know.
The color blue is often associated with the loss of purity

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