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After so many disappointments pic related is the only Anime i'am looking foward this year.
Is it me? or is Anime getting more shit. Or Maybe i'am growing out of it.
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Why is retarded hair a staple of YGO
>They've forgotten about Rituals so the shitty new type of card uses the same color

Such shame, rituals were cool.
Yuya's hair at least made more sense; he had the canon colors for pendulum monster cards. Is Yusaku's one just random?

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>hey Onii-chan, jump in! But first you must accept that all human life on Earth needs to be genocided
What do?
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Kay whatever
Ask more questions, obviously. What's their endgame? How do they intend to keep me alive, if they even care? Don't think with the dick, anon. Mortality is important.
Of course Puru!
let's frolic in this pool with your other 11 sisters and after that we shall release all the souls that are bound by gravity!

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Hoe can other girls expect to compete?
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Post the superior loli form.
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By having extraordinarily charming personalities.
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>superior in any way
Nah, not even once.

Any thoughts on the latest volume?

I thought it was good overall. Giving a few of the main characters their own short stories to develop them further worked well. That's not say they aren't still a bit shallow, but I care more about Welf, Lili and Syr more than I previously had. Also, Eina a cute.

I've heard the narrative goes downhill either from this point or past the next volume. Not looking for spoilers, but I'm curious if there is any merit to this?
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What's this about? Good?
I think it's pretty good compared to other translated light novels out there. Never seemed very popular here, though. It's essentially a story of a boy's growth in a fantasy world infused with figures from Greek mythology that centers around a dungeon city and the adventures that dwell within it. I like it quite a bit.
Oh, different. I might check it out. Thanks.

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The wind is troubled today
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Slutty JC's are the best.
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HFD are the YI QG.
we making up abbreviations now?

/a/ back at it again
Kuzu No Honkey's impact is already being felt. Now turbowhore animu girls aren't afraid to admit how much they LOVE OCHINCHIN thanks to Slut-sensei.

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These are your pussies for tonight.
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Catbayashi is cuter.
New special?
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is she really just a D?

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Do we really need one of these every day?
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Okay, I just started watching this and what the fuck is his problem?
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They're third-rate duelists with fourth-rate decks.
He's a rich genius who is also the best at a child's card game. He has every right to be an asshole to those commoners.
It might be a fourth-rate deck, but it contains the strongest cards in the game fag

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>There are people on /a/ who doesn't know what ZR is

How does this make you feel, anon?
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what is ZR?
>there are newfags on /a/
Wow, who would have thought.
Okay, ill play your game. What is an /a/?

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Gabriel is a miracle of the universe
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y-you too
I want to pat Vignette's head and marry her.
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Gabu: at least she's not Vigne

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>wake up
>you now live in the world of the last anime/manga you watched/read

what do?

I'm moving to nipland and joining their military ASAP.
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So the regular world but some people can turn into chibby nuggets of manifested brattiness.
I do the same I am doing cause I have no oniichan to spoil me.
Basically I need to hope beyond hope that i inherit OfA
> Kemono friends

well either I'm the last man on a planet filled with innocent and adorable animal girls
or a cute girl like Kaban, in the same situation.

Eh, good with either but the later is more likely knowing the setting

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On ep10 of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

I really like it but I'm savouring the episodes and watching with moderation, so my question is; I know its probably not an MMO scenario like SAO, Log or Hack so does that mean when he's buying junk from the shop at the beginning he died IRL? I mean that's all I can extrapolate at this point.

So to avoid spoilers, on a scale of 1 to 10 how right am I?

>also Rem appreciation thread
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Rem is love/life
It literally hasn't been explained other than the fact that satella is the one that did it
Also you're on the worst arc, be prepared to be bored except for some parts that are really good until like episode 20
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yeah the whole drawn-out 'who is the shaman' bit tested my patience but yeah I figured it had something to do with the witch but I thought there would be some closure by now.

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I just watched the first 3 episodes. Can someone tel me why this anime is so controversial? There seem to be shit loads of people who consider it the second coming of Christ white plenty others call it 3/10 dog shit.
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Some people take anime way too seriously

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