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Was the original Sailor Moon actually good?
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After 20 episode in or so when all the girls are gathered together.
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Better than Crystal and the music was god tier. The only draw back is that there is a LOT of filler and stock footage used.

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Anyone else watching this just to see how far they actually go with the gayness?
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You're retarded if you think it'll go any further than generic bait.
>just to see how far they actually go with the gayness
No, I'm watching it for cute boys. Who cares who the boys fuck.
Just because looking at cute boys makes you feel gay doesn't mean the show is gay.

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Reminder Rolling Girls was AOTY
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I hope everyone got the new rolling album
The thinking man's K-ON.
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Not in the slightest.
It tried to do too much shit and didn't know what it wanted to be in the end.

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What's up with orange characters and generating salt these days?
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Could /a/ take her down in a fist fight?
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I can beat any anime girl in a fist fight.
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This is your opponent for today.
Even a 300 pound combat cyborg?

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People actually liked this faggot?
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Faggot see faggot do
Not as a character but as the second half of the cat and mouse game between him and L.

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Let me sing you a song, and let's sing along
As if I was naming each and every one of all the millions of the spread out stars..
Let me sing you a song, and let's sing along
What I received from God, was the best gift anyone could have ever given me.
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[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas
Miku is worst girl.
Hello where are the proofs.

has anyone seen this yet?
tell me about it!
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and watashi only appears in one frame
fucking waste of time
BD when

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Why doesn't an anime just show the goods?
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Because then it would be hentai
Because the 20th century ended
there's this thing called hentai

or 90's anime

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I'm just watching this opening. And back then KyoAni was way ahead of any competition.

But now they only do meh tier animes with good visual quality.

Did they lost all the inovation?

Before Lucky Star I had no idea what moe was.
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They lost Yamakan.
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Is Haruhi's ending what made a lot of animes now having one or two dance sequences?


Who is best tanuki and why is it Frogbro?
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You're wrong. It's his mom.
The dad transformed into a goddamn mountain
And fooled tengu in the process. There's a reason why everyone looked up to him.

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Post confessions
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I love you, OP. Please have my babies.

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heard they work usually 14 to 16hrs a day non-stop to be able to publish before deadline and most of them don't even make that much
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It seems very stressful, and I work construction 100ft in the air. I just hate the idea of being on a strict deadline to provide something that nobody but I can do, the creative aspect makes it even more stressful. You can work your ass off 18 hours a day, pour your heart and soul into something and it can still flop.
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Discovered it and BoBoBo through Victory Versus, BoBoBo was pretty good, hoping for a 2 for 2.
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Don't take my word for it but I've heard countless times that it takes quite a bit to get going, and to be consistently "funny". YMMV depending on how taken by it's humor you get.
It's pretty good the biggest problem is the first 20ish episodes are mostly all character setups and world building. It's definitely the slowest part of the season, you CAN skip it but you miss out a lot of the subtle things later in the series. Another big issue is that people try and marathon it at the git go, which is kinda a put off given how long the series is.

> I've heard countless times that it takes quite a bit to get going, and to be consistently "funny"

I found it enjoyable from the start, I wasn't looking at it as a pure comedy though. If you look at it for straight comedy, the first 20 episodes will be a huge put off
I see. Should I hop to E20 then?

Also, secondary question. When I get to the dubbed part, should I check it out? I liked BoBoBo's dub and it's sub, especially comparing the jokes. Is it the same for Gintama?

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Considering that Naruku/Ruby Moon is basically Yue 2.0 and she technically isn't female, is Yue the same way and thus Touya and Yukito technically aren't gay?
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No because Yukito was unaware of his Yue side and thought he was a normal boy. A boy who was originally meant for Sakura no less.
Sakura with Yukito wouldn't be technically straight either but things are confusing with magical creatures
Sure it would. Unlike Nakuru who know she's a construct and whose body probably reflects that, Yuki always thought he was a normal boy so he has all the right equipment.,

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