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ITT: Fuck you, just buy the VN
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occultic;nine is a vn? hmm i might actually go buy it if i can find it in english...
but this is trash all around..

What a shit fest. Chaos Child was miles better.

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What's your favorite couple?
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Chinatsu's hair my and erect penis
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Chapter 8 out

Other people were revived, this is getting exciting.
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Should i read this?
do what you want you sheep
just read it, its good

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>MC says sensei
>subs write Ma'am
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My pet peeve is:

>subs write Daddy.

Like....fuck, Papa is ALREADY English, and it ALREADY means the same thing as it does in Japan (a childish, affectionate term for a Father).

Meanwhile Daddy, while it can mean the same as daddy, is just as often seen as a weird porno/kink fetish term. Like why the hell so many subbers have this creepy obsession with "daddy" I don't know but I wish they would stop if it involves a scene with a child in it.

My 2c.
Honestly this.
>MC clearly says rice ball
>dub says jelly donuts

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Yet another thread of Murata's streaming.

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Post images I'm in work and can't play the stream
>Suiryu is out cold
>Bakuzan about to commit suicide

Who is gonna save the day?

Is it Bang?
>Herro everyone!
>This is Yusuke Murata rivestureaming!

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Who makes better music? Muse or Aqours?
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Poppin' Party
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People actually care about the music?
Better question: Which group has the most sex? Muse or Aqours?

Is this a masterpiece? How does KyoAni keep doing this?
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Why are there twelve threads each day regarding a serial that nobody viewed?
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It wasn't a yuri series. It was never a yuri series. None of the girls were gay. Kumiko and Reina were both heterosexual.

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Remember that time Marvel made anime?
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Remember that time you already made this thread?
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All I remember is how delicious Storm was.
Oh my

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>this is a japanese highschool boy
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Step it up, senpai.
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Get on my level, Kouhai-san
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Is this the most cringe scene in all of anime?
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I didn't realise it was a smiley face until years later
They literally show them holding their hands together in that scene.

go back to /pol/ or reddit

I have no idea what is going on here, but I like it.
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>Dragon Dragon


the horror... the horror...
>naked Lucca wearing only bodypainting
You should post a warning.
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lewd police.png
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Can anyone sort of sum up this series for me? I want to understand it but I don't have time to play a super long VN.
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Fuck off.
Saber is King Arthur.
Shiro is the red man.
Sakura is worms.
Japanese teenager summons a familiar who is a person from history and proceeds to fight for a wish using a magical object that is powered by the souls of slain familiars.

The Japanese teenager is also mentally autistic about being a Hero, and Ideals of being a Hero when there really isn't one and it tries to act deep when its not.

One route he helps his familiar get over her personal issues.
Another route he helps tan man and realize its okay to be a Hero.
Another route he throws everything away and lets a shitload of people die for one girl who was going to omnicide humanity.

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Don't mind me. Just ruining a beloved comedy manga for three years
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how much longer is the final arc going to last
it's been forever
Gintama have story?
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where have you been the last ten years?

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guys what the fuck is this. why do people like it? why do the fujoshits jerk off to it? why were both characters completely fucking awful yet people still love them???
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if it's so bad why would you make a thread about it?
fucking kill yourself
What's all about ?
Same reason you jerk off to whatever trash you like.

Are you ready to LIFT? GOTTA EAT BIG TO GET BIG, C'MON!!

Chapter 20 raws are here!

Translations here
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Chapter 20: A Chapter in Gastronomy
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Zina Void
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