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So did they make this just to remind otaku that 3D is indeed PD?
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But they're 2D characters
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Hanabi is real.

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its a guy.jpg
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This is an african american person according to japan
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Don't insult him. He might just have dark skin.
And a fucking trap.
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This is a russian person according to japan

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It's chill in an image but then you realize that it's probably really hot and there's bugs everywhere and his clothes are going to get stained and all the places where the grass touches his skin will get itchy.


It would be better if he had a blanket.
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Old Boy (5).png
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This one is even worse, he's not even in the shade.

He's probably going to get a sunburn and be pretty uncomfortable for the next couple of days.

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Has anyone noticed all the figures in Rinri-kun's room? The only ones I can name are the Madoka figures.
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There's a figure from Haifuri somewhere
There's Mashu from Fate/Grand Order
I want to say Shino Asada from SAO is there too but I can't tell

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What did she say, /a/?
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>I'm the best, just the best.
"Yotsuba loves me more"
"I missed my period this month."

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cute boy.png
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>draws a girl
>calls it a boy

he can't keep getting away from it
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Maybe you should ask why Tomoko's actually boyish enough for him to draw.
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gujira literally did nothing wrong
doesnt he hate foreingers stealing his shit?

How would K-on! be different if it was made by DogaKobo?
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Extremely low budget
It would have been forgettable season filler trying to rely on stale jokes instead of creating truly endearing characters.

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Consider the following.jpg
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Have you remembered to do your workout today anon?
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I wish someone would upload the XX BDs. I'm curious what extra lewdness awaits on there
It's not much of a workout if you only exercise the muscles in your right arm.
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I did them yesterday

Anime you want to livewatch with /a/ again
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Re:Zero was pretty fun to watch with /a/. Mainly because of how much we fucking hated the MC in the beginning, until he got likable, then suddenly extremely unlikable again. Also suffering
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Fucking ez
The shitstorm on that final episode will not be forgotten.

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ITT: Characters who were bullied but didn't deserve it
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Fat girls always deserve bullying
She didn't really deserve it but it was entertaining. Would gently bully.

Haven't seen one in awhile.
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I'm going to marry salaryman.
Do you want to talk about the Lord Shackleton reference, Robert E. Lee reference, or the naval battle scene skipped in the anime? Because there's nothing new to talk about.
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Just post best soldier.

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WTC5 is soon, right?
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No, Ryukishi is going to release another Higurashi fandisc and call it a day.
I wouldn't mind some more Higurashi.
That doesn't sound all that bad.

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What is the purpose of this thread?
Eat the senzu and go to him
I wonder if Goku had balls to continue fighting would Cell eventually come to respect him and become friends

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He a trap ever won?
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Boku girl, boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai (kind of)
I love how he fucked the trap on the harem more than the girls
I don't think I remember there being any competition so it's not exactly a victory per se but Prunus Girl

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I think we can all agree that /a/ should adopt this rhetoric.
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I have. This season is pretty shit.
As someone who has watched over 400, I totally agree. I still don't consider my opinion worthwile and that the amount I'm on is pretty casual. I'm disgusted that people who have only seen like 100 or so pretend they know anything.
Probably, I've watched about half of that myself and still feel like I've watched fuck all, there's a lot of stuff out there.

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