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Rias is unfappable.
They're both shit, in comparison to Akeno-sama.

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I am Cocoa. I am literally Cocoa.

Please sexualize me.
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I'm going to MARRY my girlfriend Syaro-chan!
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I love Cocoa.
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I'm still mad
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Shinsou should've never had such an op quirk to begin with
It would be too cliché to have the hero lose in the first round, and you would've bitched about it too. If you don't like the manga you can just stop reading it.

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Anon, what kind of adult do you want to be when you grow up?
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Anything but the one I became.
a lawyer
Jesus dude

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Don't you dare Hiramoto Akira, don't you fucking dare
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>mfw no peepee gf

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>childhood friend imouto gyaru yandere rapist
This absolute madwoman is trying to combine all the types into one super-form. She has to be stopped before she breaks.
did she rapes him?
next chapter

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/a/ sings Eromanga-sensei OP - hitorigoto by ClariS

It's time for the inevitable to happen.
We're singing hitorigoto!

-Record the FULL song (album version) with headphones
-Send your submission to [email protected]
-If you have any other questions, just send me an e-mail


Link to song/instrumental (.flac)

Everything you need in a neat little .rar containing the song, instructions and printable lyrics:

Deadline is June 1st.
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In case anyone is unsure of my mixing skills, I'm the anon that did /a/ sings Tabi no Tochuu, which got a pretty positive response back in the day.
Fucken disgusting.
Oh hell yeah.

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Why is there literally no anime about delinquents/thugs/gangs/yakuza?
those are the one of the most popular manga genre, why no anime adaptation?
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The studios are probably afraid of retribution?
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That's like asking why there is no cartoon about gangsters. It's just not in good taste to show high schoolers acting violently and act as though it is glamorous.

Movies have a bit more freedom though.
This movie was kino

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ignore, didn't notice other thread
Its an ok thread
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the other thread is dead, forgot to bump sorry

where do these tits keep coming from
why is this AOTS
konata best hinako note though
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Mayuki best Notto.
I want to FUCK Hinako
This is AOTS material? Oh come on

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The escape arc officially ends.
Source from Mangahelpers

Mama's Memories

As a child, Isabella and her friend Leslie sing a song Leslie came up with.
Some time later, Leslie is shipped out, and Isabella gets approved to become a Mama from the Mama of that time.
As an adult, Isabella becomes pregnant and sings Leslie's song to her unborn child.
Having become a Mama, Isabella wishes sincerely to keep her children safe and loved for as long as possible.
One day Isabella hears Ray singing her song and becomes flustered.
Ray: "Why did you give birth to me, mother?" [note: he uses the Japanese word for mother here, not the the typical English "mama" normally used]
Isabella: "So that I could go on living."
After learning the truth about Leslie's death, she was determined not to be eaten herself.
She accepts her defeat at the hands of Emma and the others who refused to give up.
If she felt real love for the children, she would want to see them off with a smile, rather than feeling guilty.
She disposes of all the remaining ropes, and sings Leslie's song to Phil and the others as a lullaby.

Emma makes her way through the forest and revels in her newfound freedom.
The sun begins to rise just as they exit the forest.
Emma: "It's our first morning."
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>Ray was actually Isabella's son

Neverland poster from Giga.

Also, it seem next week we get another color page. Feels nice to be pandered to.
The memes have come true.

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RAWs are out!
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Do people seriously get turned on seeing a drip flood that much?

Also cant tell if the MC here or World End Harem is gayer
>Also cant tell if the MC here or World End Harem is gayer
Reading both series, I can't comprehend your comparison.
>Also cant tell if the MC here or World End Harem is gayer
If you really can't tell difference between true Alpha MC and beta faggot MC, then something is really wrong with you.

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Don't tell me you're fat slob/skinny fat or a skelly? Do you really want to be that disgusting for your waifu?
She deserves better. Do it for her.
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Yes, because it always leave me in state of odd satisfaction.
You miss the point of waifus. They always like you the way you are.
I do work out, still chubby because I have a shitty diet, but I do run 12-14 miles a week, push ups, sit ups, practice kungfu <only a green belt but the forms I have learned really works> and some weight lifting I'd I can find some. Since I'm poor I can't afford a gym.

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literally all otaku pandering trash

miyazaki was right
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Winter season alone was better than anything 2016 had to offer.
what does OP consider as a good anime then?
>Being a filthy normalfaggot

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This is a battleship. Cheer her up.
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I'd let her sink me.
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