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Is there a better opening animation-wise than Virgin Soul's?

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Genesis's opening was bad but it was catchier.
The song in Virgin Soul is absolute shit. The ED is great though.
Yes, plenty.
>caring about the animation in an OP
>watching an OP instead of doing something else while it plays in the background or even skipping it
Who gives a shit?

The song is edgy metalcore garbage anyway

ITT: OPs you never skip.

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All of them.
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>skipping OPs
You should've just made a Cat's Eye thread.
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You're old.

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What franchise do you think of when you hear the word 'idols'?
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Boku no Pico
Love [email protected]
Love Live because it's the only one I've actually watched.

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Is this show even worth watching?
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the first seasons are good
Read the manga faggot
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hey yeah best detective show coming through right here yeah unfortunately you do have to read the manga if you get into the show

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Finally, a girl who knows trigger discipline.
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Trigger discipline is for fags afraid of their own strength.
TD is good and all, but isn't it just one those things that people who don't guns care about?
is that a FAMAS?

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Middle schoolers are the best?
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Why is that a question
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Why is that a question?

The only question is the relative merits of C1, C2 and C3.

Did Goku even love Chichi (and by extension his family)? He always seemed too detached and only stayed with them cause they provide him a place to live and food.
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What they have is much stronger than love.
well it looks much worse than I remember it damn nostalgia googles
He seemed to respect her wishes to not train Gohan at the start of the series

What changes?
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Doesn't really work. Now if SIMON was a girl, I can dig it.
They never even get to the surface because women value security over freedom

>a complete bro
>a bit chuuni
>is a Nintenbro

How is Sagiri supposed to compete? Oh right, by having the victory handed to her since the author is a hack.
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I'd wait for them to turn 18 and then judge.
What are you even doing here, faggot
Middle schoolers are too young for me

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So has it been settled what exactly their relationship is yet?
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Anyone else get their hands on one of these? My Takeru one finally arrived in the mail, so I'm pretty happy. I don't know whether to actually unbox it or not though.
Did the Japs even care as much as /a/ did?
Bone-town. Bump just to piss people off.

i enjoy watching this schlock and you cant stop me
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I'd like her to devour me!
The titans are actually convicted felons from a rivaling, more advanced nation who have been injected with a serum that turns them into titans as punishment

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I wish there's more bond esque anime, i miss the good old guns and black suits.
So tired of those magical katana knights these days.
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I wish there's more battle school harem anime.
I wish there was more good anime
you just described one of the most popular series in manga history that his been running for literally 50 years

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Why hasn't there been one longrunning series that didn't eventually turn to shit.

The last time Berserk was good was when Femto merged the worlds, and it's been utter garbage following Boatserk and this loli Harry Potter island ripoff.

Dragonball turned to shit overnight as soon as Future Trunks stepped into the picture.

One Piece became medicority incarnage sometime after the timeskip.

Naruto and Bleach stopped being good after their first arc.

Ippo turned so shit that I like to speculate the ridiculousness of it all is because he's suffering brain damage now.

Vagabond is boring with the farming shit when it's not on constant hiatuses.

Hunter x Hunter had that retarded O MY RUBBER NEN moment, though honestly the series is inconsistent as hell anyway and had severe pacing problems as well as the author not realizing what medium he's writing for half the time.

JoJo started crap but gradually became good overtime, so I guess that's one exception.
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Gee I wonder how that happened when literally everything you watch and read is shonenshit made for literal 12 year olds, retard. Use your brain and stop reddit spacing.
>Why hasn't there been one longrunning series that didn't eventually turn to shit.
There has. Stop focusing exclusively on mainstream shonen and action titles.

But in general it's because with a long-running story you either have the option of maintaining status quo, which means things will at some point go stale, or to mix things up a bit. But every change is inevitably going to alienate part of the fandom. So with a long-running non-static series, the likelihood of you thinking the series turned to shit approaches 100%.
Just to be clear, this mongoloid OP has already made the same idiotic thread in the past.
Never take this kind of EOP seriously.

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This is Chinatsu. She's a lonely, genki tomboy who's denying what her heart wants in favor of helping her shallow and cavalier friend. If we cheer her on, she might find the courage to confess and save curly-kun from Akane. So let's say some nice stuff about her, /a/!
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I hope she at least gets to have her moment.
I hope she gets her heart broken.
I also really hope we get a timeskip to spice things up.
This show is so boring.

I'm about to watch Watamote for the first time. What am I in for?
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Hopefully something not relatable
disgust but also boner

Either fun or sadness maybe both if selfhated person.

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