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How do I marry Sakura?
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She's an incredibly shallow basic bitch judging by her "lol the country is so lame, I need to be surrounding by glowing neon lights and 10,000 people at all times xD" attitude, so just say you make a lot of money and she'll probably marry you.
I want to marry the fat one.
Marry ME.

As expected the little sister would eventually like some guy.

I can't wait for MC's tears when his imouto starts to date this guy.
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inb4 it's a girl
inb4 it's an animal
Self-insert blewn the fuck out
You're at the same level of him.

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>no thread
Let's change that
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BD release late July confirmed.
I want to ZEN ZEN ZENSE Mitsuha.
this is 60fps right?

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which one was superior, 2003 or Brotherhood?
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Brohood was really, really corny

>[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 29 [720p].mkv
NJPW assembles. Tiger continues his descent. Haruna cooks dinner.
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Will Kentaro ever return to the ring?
Jesus, Naoto and Kevin's combined retardation is reaching critical levels.

I'm not even sure if The fucking Third himself wasn't enough to set Naoto straight, at this point.

Anyway, this was, of course, just a teaser and not the final showdown, but we're getting there.

It's done.

After 20 fucking years, this night is finally over.
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Akagi - 296-002.png
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It truly was a roundabout path.

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Are JCs a 10?
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10 is JS you moron
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Sagiri is a 10/10 for sure.

Some really smart JS could skip grades and become a JC. Wasn't that the case with Alice from Kiniro Mosaic? I don't remember well.

Would you let Kanna Kamui give you a footjob?
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fuck yeah I would
Would you let Kanna Kamui connect her thing into you?
that tail is stupid

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this cunt ruins Berserker's dialog in my opinion
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He ruins my heterosexuality if you know what I mean
hey listen

Who is your favourite Blonde character in all of Anime
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Blonde is not best hair, but Shinobu is definitely up there among my favorite blonde characters.
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>Blonde is not best hair
Then what is?

why is almost every single mecha design besides the EVA's so absurd.

There so much useless shit cluttered around and it just doesn't make any sense from a practicality standpoint...
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Mecha is about being cool not practical you fuck
This. Who the fuck watches or likes mecha for practicality?
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tell me this doesn't look fucking retarded... There are even much MUCH worse offenders

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What is the best anime player?
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Windows Media Player.
Windows: MPC-HC
Linux: MPV
Mac OS: Dildo Player

You cant out sage a sage.

Instead of boruto wouldn't we all like to see a reedited version of naruto that cuts out all the filler... not just the filler episodes that have no bearing on the main plot and rehash the same basic themes, but also the parts during battle scenes where they explain what they're doing, what they just did, what they're about to do and the parts later on where they explain that all again. And maybe toss in a few more moments where the GIRLS perform some sexy jutsu, lets let at least shippuden be more mature. And bring all the fight scenes up to par with the kimmimaro vs rock lee drunken boxing in terms of quality of animation.

Theres plenty of really great stuff in the series that with just a bit of effort it could become much more than it was forced to become due to the constraints of the marketing department.
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Fuck off Narutard spammer. Don't think /a/ doesn't notice you spamming.
what would you do to improve the series rather than just redo it like they did with boruto and even really within the shippuden itself with the whole kakashi obito rin dynamic. I know it could have been more than three almost identical retellings of the 3 sanin story and i know you've been thinking about it for a while.

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What is your AOTY so far and why it isn't Gundam Thundebolt 2?
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Did it start already ?
Cuz Free Jazz is shit

>Listen to this
>Get brain aneurysm

Episode 2 was released yesterday.

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