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It's Gabu's birthday

Say something nice to her
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i want to smell your pink areas
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She has good taste in underwear. Also, she's way better than worst girl Satania.

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Well, is he?
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No Rio, Jason, and life fucked him.
Obviously but looks like that'll change soon.

Fuck off Chibi
>actually fucking a roastie

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Answer the questions of Akinator with yourself in mind, but every time he asks if you character is from an anime you respond with "yes"

Post the results

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Bonus round: Answer the "Is your character a girl?" also with yes!
Last time I did this, I somehow got Hello Kitty.

That site went to shit the second he started asking if your character was from specific series.

I know fanboys like to see their shit mentioned but c'mon that defeats the purpose more than a little and it's frustrating to be asked if it's from Bleach or Naruto when I got a far more obscure character in mind

It's Ruri's birthday today. Come say something nice about her.
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Happy Birthday Ruri you gorgeous perfect angel!
Happy birthday to best girl! I hope she's happy with whatever she is doing now
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This girl lives to be punished.
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They somewhat changed the scene with empress, compared to the manga, empress nearly came in the manga, here it seems like she is just angry that she couldn't bring him to his knees or something.
Is this the point where we steer into anime original ending where they make her final boss or something? I think she went to namek in manga if i remember correctly
Westaboos, when will they learn?

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watamote chapter 114 is out now.
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So what the fuck was this about?
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DIO did nothing wrong.
Valentine killed OG Sandman who had the sand stand and replaced him with Soundman
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The legend of 'Johnny Joestar'...

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I just marathoned this /a/. What should I expect?
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I'm 15 minutes in, does it get better?
Yes it does. Wait until the flashforward scene and nandemonaiya start.
You sure did.

Nene a cute! A cute!
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She almost has the same color scheme as Alice. Just lighten her hair.
Newest volume cover looks nice.
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>granny hair

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Stop preferring Aqua.
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>implying anyone prefers aqunt over megumeme
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Make me
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You can't stop me

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>a sgt in the US army deployed in afghanistan gets sent home early.
>finds out he had an illegitimate daughter with a japanese woman he dated while stationed in japan 6 years ago as a private.
>the woman is dead now and had the biological father tracked down and named guardian in her will.
>the sgt is still single. first arc is him as a single soldier trying to become a good father to this 5 year old girl he suddenly has.
>next arc at another base. the sgt gets married and has another kid.
>next arc the sgt, now a SFC retires. gets a job at a us military base in japan. the daughter is now in high school. she is adjusting to life in japan as she spend the last 10 years in America.
>final arc is about the daughter trying to figure out which culture and people she belongs with and her old father's failing health.
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Up until the third sentence you had an the beginning of an action movie with Jean Reno. Then you lost your way and the anime became shit
were you expecting some gritty killer and his loli to have some action packed gun slinging adventure?

nope, you're getting a cutesy SOL drama
A harem series but the MC isn't the one with the harem, rather he's the obligatory best friend in one

Instead of him being the perverted slapstick character make him a bit of a fast talking ass who usually has to be dragged kicking and screaming into what ever harem plot point is next, or just offered a petty reward which despite all logic works ever time.

Comedy would involving things like toying with the harem girls, interacting with the group of guys how figuratively and maybe literal in some cases want to strangle his best friend, and getting a different view on the usual harem shenanigans.

As the series progress there is bound to spring up conflict which would mainly arise from tension in and around the harem and the reason for the MC to get involved to try and ease it would go something like this
> "Every time shit is thrown between any number of people, I have the uncanny luck of always getting hit in the crossfire. So its better for everyone, mainly me if there is as little shit throwing as possible."

Drama if there would be any at all would be from the fact that he's not the center and whether it is completely unintentional or not from his "friends", he would be left alone on events like school festivals, firework displays, beach events, etc. But the biggest one would be ever so often a new girl would come along an in an attempt to side step the harem, attempt to use him to try and get close to the friend. Which depending on how many times this event has occured, effects to a certain degree the MC's view on what love is and whether or not he him self can actually still feel it.

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Other thread is full of Gine-hating assholes.

Let's stay here.
I just caught up to the anime, but the thread had quite literally nothing but shitposts in it. Why even have these threads if that's all that happens. I just want to discuss dragonball, dammit.
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Would people like Dragon Ball Super more, if the animation was good and the writing was higher-quality?

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New chapter is out.
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Touch me Lupus-sama!
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Chair is being lewd again

Is it really okay to have a pair of sadistic, incestuous, lesbian, dominatrix bots as characters in a show like this?
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It's encouraged
Outright sadists are boring
They're very tender when they want to be though.

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best girl edition?
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Kek, artist got rid of the crown so it wouldn't get in the way

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