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>it's light novel adaptation
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>it only serves to promote the LN and will never get a third season because the sales have been boosted enough
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>It cuts out way too many details
I miss the days of eroge/galge adaptations.

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nyaa & sukebei WAS SALVAGED!

The magnets were mostly intact! Magnets are very, very important!

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Does that mean i can go back to not giving a shit and taking stuff for granted only to panic once the inevitable happens and our centralized source of downloads we use for everything goes down and start begging more competente, kindhearted and thoughtfull anons for solutions?
I need to download ashita no joe and urusei yatsura ASAP
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So why does everyone Attack on Titan anyway? I mean, when you think about it, don't they?

What do ya'll think
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Hibiki a cute
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Because the Titan restrict they freedom.
That's you question right?

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So they FINALLY ended the school festival and it looks like Hana has legit feelings for the panty wearing dick waver.

As much as I like Chiyo, she's starting to feel more and more like a side ho.

Any news of season two?
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season 2 is never happening anon
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> Are they out of Namek yet?
> Hanafaggotry
> Bring back Moeko
> Jewyoshi is worst Yoshi
> Slowtopia vs Korean crap
> Having a 69 with another woman doesn't make you a lesbian

No news of season 2 and chances are we'll never have it. JC made season 1 because they wanted too, not because they needed to. They are having fun with other series now. We might have a season 2 (hell, even DragonBall had a new season after decades, but this is not DragonBall) eventually but we don't know when.
>> Bring back Moeko
I don't think I've ever seen this.

> Having a 69 with another woman doesn't make you a lesbian
Well it doesn't.

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New 3x3 thread. Starting with my favorite shows.
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favorite romance/harem
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Wow your romantic tastes are hurting my stomach.

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What an absolutely exhausting, dated, unfunny, and irrelevant show. I can't believe I sat through the whole thing. If this is what Shaft is famous for I will never watch any of their anime in my life. It was horrible.
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it's like Shaft has no idea how plot or humor works, so they substitute references to their other shows or other movies. It makes zero sense and they must be the only people that find it funny or worthwhile. Sad, really.
If it's a bait, you're ten years late.

Who else here doesn't watch shows as they air and wait for BDs instead, like a patient gentleman?

Or do you watch current airing shows just for the threads?
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>not watching a show at your own leisure
must be hard being such a cuck
I progress through my backlog at a snail's pace. If I did that I would only watch one or two shows a season.
psst, want the uncensored fan edit?

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ITT: Characters, who you would NOT want to have sex with
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>He wouldn't have sex with Lalatina


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How much longer do you think they can drag dragon ball out? Its gone from kids training for a martial arts tournament to fighting a god for the fate of the universe. How can they make the next threat biggerer?
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zeno dies universes attack u7 for starting the tornament
Spin-off series' from different universes. They're 'world building' on the other ones right now for a reason.
The next guy doesn't just want to kill the universe, he already killed a bunch of the other infinite universes :^)

Goat show

Shameless release shilling:
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Terminator Butt

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Is Quetzalcoatl the best anime character from this year?
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Nigga, you funny.
I want to see her take a summer trip to Detroit and visit her friend Tyrone for milk and chocolate bars.
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World class in my humble opinion

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Will you still be here tomorrow even if everything else falls apart fish?
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
>Fish lived longer than nyaa did
That's why i like it.

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>Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - 04

Subs out etc.
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>Arata last week
>Chihaya this week

Voiced by Seto Asami
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What a cutie.

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Is iron blooded orphans the best stand alone gundam series?

Is it the best in general?
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>Is iron blooded orphans the worst stand alone gundam series?
>Is it the worst in general?


It was better than seed, 00, and wing.
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You will never come to any conclusion like this. Gundam is a fuckhuge franchise with a fuckhuge fanbase and a fuckhuge number of series. Literally everyone will say something different, there is no consensus except that Universal Century is best Century.

But I love IBO though.

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lu la lu la
Yomi > all
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