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How do we avoid the sukebei-nyaa fiasco from ever happening again?
Let's hear some ideas.
So far anons keep throwing the following words/terms:

GNUnet (perfect dark clone?)
private tracker
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Go outside.
Regular backups.
So how do copyright holders make the argument that torrent sites are illegal when torrents themselves only point to particular files?

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How do you feel about Grimoire of Zero?
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Would of been nice to see a more platonic relationship between beasty and witch. Don't like how she just suddenly wants his cock 24/7.
Feels like >male:furry bara yaoi
Bara porn generator.

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Why was Guts so edgy in the first arc? He never really acts anything remotely like that again. Even before he meets his new gang, he's cynical and a loner but not a complete edgelord.
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It's implied he acts like an ass so people won't hang around him and get killed by demons.
Read Lost Children and Golden Age again.
Guts enjoys killing demons because he's really angry, what's not to understand? If people stick around him they get killed and it's their fault because he warns them

Okay, so I recently started watching the KanColle anime with a friend of mine - up to episode 5 thus far - and I feel like there's some unanswered questions which in a typical show there would be a POV character whose function would be to both ask these questions and to have them answered for the audience's benefit. Since the show lacks one and all the explanation of the premise comes in the form of some very brief narration at the start of the first episode, I'm hoping that I could get some answers here.

So, these girls are possessed by the ghosts of dead boats from long ago. Presumably that's World War 2, which again presumably was seventy or so years ago in the show's timeline. That means that this is a show where the events of World War 2 played out, and this is a world which has sophisticated naval technology available to it.

It seems a little weird that none of these characters ever questions their situation in life. That they're possessed by the spirit of a dead boat or even that boats have ghosts. Or indeed that they seem to have been named by their parents the same things that the corresponding boat ghost is. What sort of lives did they lead before coming to boat school? Is this ever referenced?
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The weapons and armaments used by these Abyssals seem to be so feeble that they're barely capable of damaging normal clothing. Given that this is a world where sophisticated naval technology exists, why not put these girls on boats rather than just sending them out with their little floaty foot things? It seems like if you put them on the deck of an actual battleship they'd be essentially invincible.
It's a crappy browser game, it does not have to make sense.
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It seems like the only real harm that ever comes to them is the result of a loss of bouyancy. Why not send them out with life jackets so if they start to sink they can shed all the boat parts they have strapped to them and then await rescue from, for example, a crew on a boat?

The pilots of those tiny planes. Who are they? Where do they come from? Where do they go? We never see them landing. Do they turn back into arrows at the end of a mission? I sort of envision them flying off to one of the multitude of little islands we see everywhere and starting their own societies there, constructing homes out of the remains of their tiny metal planes, spending their tiny lives attempting to puzzle out the inscrutable mystery of their existence.

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Nyaa is up!!!!
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And it's gone again
I don't know what's going on
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nani? explain this sorcery

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How do you feel about DFC?
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This is a boy from Twin Angel Break.
Why is she so perfect?
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DFC is pretty nice.

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Aren't Milly and Kallen both considered nobility?
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Also, they really should have explored Milly and Lelouch's relationship at a little, since they probably grew up together before he got them both exiled for being a ragetard.
They didn't. They met fir the first time at Ashford.

Their first meeting was covered in one of the Audio Dramas.
What this anon said >>156700529

They met back in middle school and she's had hots for him since their first meeting

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It's that time again. Sorry for the delays etc etc. Disclaimer to mods: Published in an official magazine so should be allowed here. please don't ban me. Since nyaa is dead now I'm not sure where would be a good place to post these now. Open to suggestions.
Starting with the 4th Omake.
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New character time.
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>no comfy ranma thread

i'm here to fix that
other takahashi's welcome too
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Best grill reporting.
you mean thrid best? best girl is in the op, followed by ukyo for 2nd

What's it like being retarded? Xian Pu is down to cook, clean and fuck. Plus, she's a total badass.

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What are some things you could do with a Heavy Object?
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Ohoho > Hime
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Seduce siscons.

I really wish this show was better written

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Which one would be the best mother for Shirou's children?
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ITT: Moments that made you drop a series
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I kept watching even though it's got a nigger, a jew, and a chink. Tarantino would love how DIVERSE this series is.
Black Lagoon is overrated. I guess it is worth watching but don't take it seriously.

the middle schooler in the latest pedo imouto cartoon saying I love dicks

has there ever been a more worthless mc?
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What do I win?
The dude from Guilty Crown

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bimbos are cute!
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Living proof that purityfags are factually wrong.
Yacchan is best mom. I want to protect her smile.

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>anime got cancelled
>forced to rush the end of the manga
>least successful of the big 3
>mostly forgotten already

How do you think he feels?

What has he been doing nowadays?
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Buying his fifth car.
Swimming in money while telling Shounen Jump to go fuck themselves.

Also supervising that Ryohgo Narita Bleach novel
>What has he been doing nowadays?
Relaxing and not worrying about meeting his weekly deadline.

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