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>But, stuffed chrust Vegeta...Think about it....You could it in REVERSE.
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they really went to shit after the saiyan saga
I feel like they're making episodes slower now maybe I got used to the pace from last year or so

So this is what he has come to?
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I want the old internet back.
BD rip of the Pani Poni BD when?
So this is what /a/ has come to?

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Will KyoAni ever get another 10+k seller? 20+k? It's been years.
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Will you ever fuck off!?!?
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/a/ sings Eromanga-sensei OP - hitorigoto by ClariS

It's time for the inevitable to happen.
We're singing hitorigoto!

-Record the FULL song (album version) with headphones
-Send your submission to [email protected]
-If you have any other questions, just send me an e-mail


Link to song/instrumental (.flac)

Everything you need in a neat little .rar containing the song, instructions and printable lyrics:

Deadline is June 1st.
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In case anyone is unsure of my mixing skills, I'm the anon that did /a/ sings Tabi no Tochuu, which got a pretty positive response back in the day.
Why this song? Something like Contrail or Climber's High should have had an /a/ sings instead.
Because I like this song and the show it belongs to.
Someone else will do Contrail or Climber's High if they want to.

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Is this why you watched this show?
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Not like it has anything else going for it. The action scenes are so contrived that no amount of flashy shit on screen stops them from feeling like an anticlimax. Seriously. Fuck the garbage plot and give me combat loli SoL.
Main loli wasn't even that good. The side lolis were all better and one of them got killed off randomly.

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This was just a shitty K-On rip-off.
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This is just a good K-On rip-off.
Still manages to be better than that crap.
I loved Sound of the Sky. But I couldn't fully enjoy it due to its setting.

Than what?

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Dumping the chapter because AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
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What are your thoughts on cute anime little girls?
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They have their uses.
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The modest ones are the cutest.
Stop spamming /a/ with your pedo threads. Go to ToR where you will be welcomed.

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Is it actually worth reading or is it one of those where you invest so much time in to it that you have to force yourself to see it through?
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Read it and find out.
I would if it wasn't so long
You don't need to read it in its entirety to gauge the quality.

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>tags: amputee
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laughing my ass off at the umaru spammer struggling to spam 3 threads at the same time.

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I want to get into Jojo, but don't know how. What do I watch? I see there are OVAs, what order do I watch them in? I want to watch all of it, where do I begin?
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You watch the OVA's in their release order, then you move to Diamond is Unbreakable. To finish off the trilogy, you wait for them to adapt Stone Ocean. Don't bother with the upcoming Vento Aureo, it's not relevent.
>too stupid to use google
As expected of a jojofag. You'll fit right in.
TV adaptations are fine to start with. Then you go to OVAs

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Just finished this. What a crappy ending.
Doesn't help that theres enough loose ends to the story threads you could make a fucking wig
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still GOAT
I love Gantz
The first phase is probably the best manga ever wrote still at least

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Terra ForMars Chapter 208
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I like her.
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These two meet up. What happens?
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a secure future for the white race
literally who

This is the correct answer, senpai.

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The newest chapter of Gyaru cooking antics is out! I might dump earlier chapters after this one.
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