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It's time.
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Title: Ze Hat

A series based/inspired heavily by old Jackie Chan films and other Hong Kong action flicks

MC's name is Jun Ree named partly after after martial artist Jhoon Goo Rhee (which does sound a little bit like a girls name in retrospect which could be a small running joke)
in the series. As for martial arts he's quiet capable, but the thing is he looks and somewhat acts like a good damn idiot while fighting (hence the Jackie Chan part)
so everyone initially underestimates him. Other than that the only other thing set in stone about him is that he wears a blue baseball type hat which is how we get the tittle of the series (if it sounds like a stupid reason, that's the point).

The main story centers around Jun Ree doing odd jobs around the city/slums of Not Hong Kong each bring its own 2-3 episode mini arc, some are original and some are heavily borrowing the plot from old Hong Kong movies with the connection between them is that the hat wearing sorry excuse for a main character is involved in some way be it major or minor whether it be because of a job in order to make a quick buck, roped in against his will, or just plain bad luck.
Only one so far, but I'll take it.

Sounds like something of a prestige project, in terms of animation requirements and cinema homages. Presumably there'd be a heavy focus on animated choreography? It does sound fun, but also hard to effectively pitch in text, on account of its visual-centic nature. Still, I'd watch it.
a boy falls in love with a girl

I'm 2 episodes deep. So far its about a man with autism who needs to wait at every crosswalk or else he spergs out.
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Sit down and finish it.
Sounds like me.
>2 episode deep
I bet ya marathoned the first episode too? Fucking crazy anon, holy shit.

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why Jap love to uses the word " Re: " in their anime/VN title?

do they think it's cool?
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Taking things from other languages without knowing what they mean because they look cool.
Because you're a faggit.
the script they use to transfer email subjects to titles hasn't been updated since 1994

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ITT: Code Geass characters you want to see killed off on the first episode of R3.
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Ohgi is a fan favorite. They would be shooting themselves in the foot killing him.
nanali, not being an edgelord but for good episode hook
Really if any main character "dies" I'll be impressed.

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how the fuck is that guilty?
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What's so guilty about keroro?
Mom is best girl.

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"Interviewer: So we're planning a page for fans who don't know you (Itano) or the original Macross.

Itano: Macross Ace (the magazine this is in) is a damned bishoujo character magazine isn't it? I call it "retarded", though. Retarded character moe magazine. I think Macross (the original) was popular because of its balance, 1/3 each of cute girls, robots, and songs. But now they say mecha won't sell, robots won't sell, so they turn it into a character-based anime AND they want the fujoshi. I hate the stench of that sort of thing and so actually don't want to be in any magazine articles related to that bullshit, but I said I'd cooperate if they let me badmouth shit and here I am.

Interviewer: I... see... (tears)

Itano: I DID watch all of Macross F. It's not fair to badmouth something without seeing it (chuckle).
So, like, there's one bit where a sniper in space mounts himself on an asteroid, right? But by doing so half his field of vision is gone. And asteroids aren't stationary so his aim is going to be really unstable. And then they use sniper rifles at point blank range? I notice this sort of stuff, you know.
It's well-drawn for a TV show and they were trying, but the relationships were half-assed and the heart of the drama is way too messy. Last time we had Minmei become a human failure, but this time it was the main character (laugh). People who like this rubbish have a totally different sense from me, so I'd really be happier if they didn't know who I was at all (laugh)."

How will Frontierfags ever recover?
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That's it lads pack it up.

Anime is over now.
It was better than Delta at least.
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Reminder Tomino & Dezaki both said Evangelion is pretentious shit.

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Since I cannot afford a PS4, I was wondering how's the Persona 5 manga, is it close to the game's plot?
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I'm hoping that the manga follows one of the cake routes. I understand P5 was blessed with MULTIPLE cake routes.
>cake routes
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You can date a whole bunch of cakes in this game, including your teacher who moonlights as a cosplay maid callgirl.

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How can people enjoy this edgy garbage? This is so retarded, I can't get past the second episode.
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It, as well as Deadman Wonderland, is one of those shows where I like every character except the MC. I hate shitty wussies like him.
keep watching then and maybe he isnt a wussie forever

He gets his shit kick in at the end anon, its much worse in the manga. I actually felt bad for the poor guy.

is this show any good?
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Only for Satania.

Gabriel a shit. A SHIT.
strangely so imo

if you don't like CGDCT then you probably won't but when I started reading it I couldn't stop
Just remember Vigne is my wife.

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i'm talking about the manga
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Did she died? I don't read this shit.
Eaten by Marleyan cuck
Kek, what was the reaction of /u/?

I dropped everything of this season that is not the same anime o a S2
I want more satanichia and dragons and demis, fuck this season
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you can at least keep eromanga sensei since that's where the majority of memes will be coming from
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Yuri and traps are why I haven't completely dropped this season yet
>I want more satanichia and dragons and demis, fuck this season
Tsugumomo has lewd Satanichia if you close your eyes while Kiriha speaks.

Why is Steins;Gate the only successful SciADV?
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The "sci" part is absolutely retarded and you might as well just say its all magic.
More down to earth feel and a adaptation that isn't dogshit
The only one to get an adaptation that wasn't a trainwreck and more exported stuff.

What is this girl on?
People don't normally talk like this.
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She's just crazy.
What are her ten desires?
Best girl

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I need to add some new content to my best girl Kuroneko folder, wanna help me out anons?
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how many posts before kirino fags show up
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I still don't get how can someone prefer that """""thing""""" to kuroneko

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>Was hyped af for his Eternal Mangekyo
>Never uses any actual Mangekyo abilities besides Susanno
What went wrong?
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>What went wrong?

kishimoto can't write for shit.
Probably focused too much on the unique Rinnegan ability he gained

All Sharingans can use Izanagi and Izanami at the cost of their eyesight.
Magnekyou Sharingans are different in that it's possible to get two different abilities in both eyes. Sasuke and Itachi got two abilities, Obito got two variations of the same technique, but Shisui got the same technique in both eyes
With Rinnegan, Sasuke got Amenotejikara and Madara got Limbo.

It's most likely Kishi forgot, but I'm still curious what it'd be. Someone should ask him.
Fuck off Narutard

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