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Thoughts? Actually looks decent enough, music is true to the comfy tone of the LN so far.
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What a shit trailer. This tells me absolutely nothing about the show except
A. He is in a fantasy world
B. He has a smartphone
C. There are cute girls in it
Two of these things I could have figured out from the title, and the third doesn't really come as a huge surprise.
Isn't this the one Steiner's translating extremely quickly?
Yeah just checked his twitter.
Character intros:

Oh dont mind me, im just stealing this anime from Nyaa

Why dont you buy anime /a/? Even steam is selling anime now. You have literally no excuse.
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Kill yourself.
Wait, why would I buy anime again?
Whenever I download an anime I always make sure to burn it onto a DVD after watching and send the DVD back to Japan.
I don't steal.
I borrow.

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ITT we share sources with the desperate.

>Public trackers:
rutracker.org/ → well seeded, better for music/games

how to download with infohash: https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/83273-using-info-hash-to-download-files/ (don't forget to enable PEX/DHT and to add all the trackers to the torrent: http://www.torrenttrackerlist.com/torrent-tracker-list/)

has XDCC packlists and magnets, follow on site instructions

shitty XDCC searchengines

>DHT search engines to use
DHT search engine (like the RIP btdigg):
Make sure to enable PEX/DHT

>Japanese programs
Perfect Dark and Share are the main ones
PD requires a 40 GB unity folder. http://www.jcafe24.net/index.php?topic=518.180

Costs money although I believe there are some good free ones around.
There are usenet indexers you can use to download

>Programs used for anything other than anime
Soulseek. Some users share anime but mainly this is music ONLY

RAW manga → DDL blogs
RAW/translated/art obviously Goddess
artbooks/doujins → obviously sadpanda or nhentai or myreadingmanga
scanlated → open https://www.mangaupdates.com/ and look up scanlation group
/a/'s archives

kissanime.com → set useragent to mobile to bypass adblock/retarded looking websites
http://www.masterani.me/ → shitty peering in my opinion
can easily rip with jdownloader if you are a schadenfreude who enjoys being cockblocked by transcodes

>private trackers
AB, BTN and IPT will all suffice especially with autodl irssi autodownloading → impossible to get invites for anything except IPT at the moment
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>expecting anyone dependent on nyaa to understand IRC or usenet
Fuck off, newfag.
>not /g/ptg

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Finally 40th chapter of Masamune-kun is translated
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Did Aki give him herpes or something?
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As expected the MC doesn't have any reason or a person to hate now. He's feeling a bit lost.

Aki a cute and best still.
I wonder

She has no redeeming qualities.

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Monkey is best

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That is correct.
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How can a primate be so lewd all the time?

What will you do if you have saitama's strength?
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Punch Syria
Take up heroism as a hobby.
Play video games all day.
I would be corrupt as all fuck and make the world bow to me

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Ok, the death of nyaa is bad but it's still more like inconvenience since you still can find anime on other sites.
But the death of sukebei is a fucking DISASTER. There is no other site that host as much of jav, hentai anime, hentai 3d animation, hentai VNs, hentai rpgs and other stuff from dlsite.
What the fuck we are supposed to do with hentai now?
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Dig a little deeper. Idk fucking pururin's still a thing. You can jack off to that.
The fuck are you talking about, pururin is hentai manga only, there is no hentai games or animation
I am not going to spoonfeed you your next target, CIA.

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I like the song.

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I'm so fucking excited. PV looks great. I couldn't have hoped for a better staff for this show.
Sometimes the stars align.
This looks pretty nice. Seems the focus couples on the dance floor will be hand drawn, while the mooks are cgi.

This is your deity for the next 15000 summers
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>posting child pornography
I wish ;_;
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She makes my dick go doki doki.

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>Gelbooru & Paheal die along with all other popular boorus

What would you do in this situation?
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I don't use boorus, so nothing.
Continue using pixiv and twitter
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Paheal has been shit for a while now.

Leslie was a boy
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From mangahelpers:
Mom's Memories

As a child, Isabella and her friend Leslie sing a song Leslie came up with.
Some time later, Leslie is shipped out, and Isabella gets approved to become a Mom from the Mom of that time.
As an adult, Isabella becomes pregnant and sings Leslie's song to her unborn child.
Having become a Mom, Isabella wishes sincerely to keep her children safe and loved for as long as possible.
One day Isabella hears Ray singing her song and becomes flustered.
Ray: "Why did you give birth to me, mother?" [note: he uses the Japanese word for mother here, not the the typical English "mom" normally used]
Isabella: "So that I could go on living."
After learning the truth about Leslie's death, she was determined not to be eaten herself.
She accepts her defeat at the hands of Emma and the others who refused to give up.
If she felt real love for the children, she would want to see them off with a smile, rather than feeling guilty.
She disposes of all the remaining ropes, and sings Leslie's song to Phil and the others as a lullaby.

Emma makes her way through the forest and revels in her newfound freedom.
The sun begins to rise just as they exit the forest.
Emma: "It's our first morning."
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Lain awake.gif
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Arisu > Lain
File: 1491177820962.jpg (101KB, 1520x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Been a while since I've seen the autistic Lain poster. Missing him.

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phantom world.jpg
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Was Phantom World a misunderstood masterpiece?
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Reina best girl
If the whole series had the quality writing of the last couple episodes, it would have been a great series. As it is, it's only mediocre. I liked Mai.
the last episodes were trash though

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ITT: Post a picture of an anime without posting it and others guess.
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>Post a picture of an anime without posting it
Okay here it is. Bet no one will get this.
You're so clever anon. Kill yourself now.
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Hard mode.

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Tomoko is such a huge sperg it's painful to watch the show sometimes

Just like me
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The anime not that bad.
The more time's you rewatch the better it get.
I like how even though the show is slice of life, it has such an intense OP

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