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This work was very good.
But it is not very popular.
Why is that?
Please do not tell me 883.
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It started and then it ended.

Being good isn't enough. The most popular things are ongoing. Even more so if they have huge casts and an expansive universe. If there is a lot of potential for fan content, there will be lots of fans. Flip Flap didn't really have that.
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Pick one or all of the following list:
>hard to target demographic
>not based on any original wor
>basically no marketing
>no big names behind it
>uninteresting premise

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i want to treat her with dignity and respect because she wants to be used rough and denying her that would only put her on edge more
I'd fuck her soft tits and call her a whore if you know what I mean

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Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tommorow.
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This is a 18+ website.
to nechápu

>Wants to kill all demons and gods, making humanity master of their own destiny
>I'm supposed to think he's the bad guys

Explain this, Bahamut fans.
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His father is either a god or demon and probably spanked him as a kid, now he wants revenge. Did you watch Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, he's like the villian in there
Cheerios did nothing wrong. Besides, it was a demon who instigated the Bahamut crisis, and all the other demon leaders failed to monitor their own.
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>keeps Jeanne in jail because he got cucked by Michael
Explain this, Cheeriofags

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Did you post yesterday?
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I don't like it
but I love you all
I am the fin of my fish.

Why is he such a colossal cunt?
Tell me why must Gendo fuck with everything constantly?
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>Muh waifu
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>Gendo fuck with everything constantly?
He was a mere victim of Yui's fuckery.
That's no reason the be a cunt.

How do these shoelaces even work?
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they cross over dumbass

you can't see it because there's something on the way
Under the tongue you idiot.
Wouldn't that mean the pressure from the laces for straight to your foot? Doesn't seem comfortable.

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Oh crepes, why did this take so fucking long to do?

It's finally here! Chio-chan chapter 21!

Dumping it right now.
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A delinquent girl that can and often does kick any man's ass, with short messy hair, toned abs, and covered in scars, is unaware that she's uninanimously considered the most attractive girl in school. She goes through her days misinterpreting the actions of failing suitors.

OPTIONAL: A transfer student arrives who isn't very bright but is a sweetheart. No one has dared approach delinquent-chan for fear of death, or worse, rejection. The two have a sudden chance encounter and without a second thought, the transfer student blurts out "holy shit, you're gorgeous"
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A football (soccer) player that has a terrible secret. He actually hates soccer and only wants to be a chef.
ofc, the main characters are all cute anime girls
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The straight-A honor student <insert name>-chan is good at everything except code programming, so her shut-in friend tries every episode to teach her the fundamentals from C++ to Java.

Insert slight rom-com scenes, additional characters along the episodes go and punchlines in this 12 five-minute shorts.

Televised by NHK. :^)

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For the sake of the entire universe, his work MUST be allowed to continue!
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The universe is fine.
Incubators are just autistic.
What they're doing is the equivalent of realizing that the broom doesn't fit into those tight corners and ripping off a kid's underdeveloped dick to use that instead.
There is nothing wrong with postponing the death of the universe
And there's nothing wrong with cleaning your room either. What's your point?
Just because an action isn't inherently bad doesn't mean it's necessary or that any sacrifice is okay to be made for the successful execution of it?

>You wake up as the Protagonist of your favourite anime.
>what do you do?
>how fucked are you?
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i take a nap
I carry >>156573588 to class and make sure he doesn't get lost anywhere due to laziness.
I confess my feelings and fuck my imouto

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Why is Kanna so perfect?
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This little sluts is making normalfags fapping to little girls.
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Perfect combo of cute and sexy.

Why all the hate for this show? Because it's made by a fujo?

IMO it's better than the manga
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It was fun, but I didn't realize there wasn't a consistent plot until it was over
Lame mc and shitty drama ruined it, the ending was especially bad.
burgers was the best episode

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what the fuck are Minovsky particles ?
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A plot device created in order to justify the use of giant robots as military weapons.
Always wanted to know.
Also what are the newtypes?
Tomino can't into evolution and decided that going into space naturally makes people psychic.

ITT: cute girls doing cute things
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You got the birthday one?
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