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This is your daily reminder that Clannad is the most wholesome and morally serious anime. Don't be a loser. Find yourself a perfect girl like Nagisa.
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>implying girls like Nagisa exist
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Really. Her only personality flaw is that she lacks confidence, and that eventually goes away.

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Tonight I will be dumping chapter 2 of this fantastic little manga that it seems like /a/ knows nothing about (at least I can't find any mention of it in the archive). If you like dogs, genki tomboys, or genki tomboy dog-girls than this is for you.

I'm starting with chapter 2 since chapter 1 is just set up and I dumped it about a month ago. All that pretty much happens is beta MC gets dumped by his girlfriend after getting her a puppy as a present, and goes home all depressed to find that the puppy he bought transforms into a dog-girl whenever they're alone.
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Episode 4 PV out. I'm ready for Utaha to be BTFO.

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cute goddess.jpg
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Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.
>that ponytail
And yet her looks are boring.

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Who could this person be?
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Are you serious? It's pretty fucking obvious. It's her brother and she just said it weird to drum up sexual tension for the rest of the season.
Terrible writing
Masamune-sensei pls

Piccolo died more then Krillin, why is Krillin dying a meme?
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Because it's the only thing he stands out for. Piccolo has had a lot of memorable/meaningful moments tied in with various characters besides jobbing.
why doesn't Piccolo leave a hand some place before a fight. then he can regrow from the hand.

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The Promised Neverland (Cover and Lead CP)
My Hero Academia
One Piece
Boruto (CP)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Black Clover
Spring Weapon
Dr Stone (CP)
Samon (CP)
Robot X Laserbeam
We Never Learn
Hinomaru Zumou
Hungry Marie

Issue 24
Lead Colour:Kimetsu no Yaiba (1 Year anniversary and first popularity Poll)
CP:Neverland、Robot x Laserbeam、Spring Weapon(extra pages)

Source: Yonkou Production
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Finally KnY gets a popularity poll. Is this the results then? I'm glad it's doing so well in rankings. Wonder what chapter it was that got 3rd place?
Pure ranking

01 Hero Academia c.129
02 One Piece c.858
03 Kimetsu c.053
04 Black Clover c.101
05 No.01 c.020
06 Soma c.206
07 Haikyu c.245
08 Yuna c.054
09 Bokuben c.006
10 Hinomaru c.136
11 Saiki c.235
12 Marie c.003
13 Poro c.004
14 U19 c.005

Gintama was absent 8 issues ago
RIP Marie. Would've liked to see it continue

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I want Kobayashi to dress like a sexy office lady.
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I want Kobayashi to be my boss
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I want to hold hands with Kobayashi after school
Why was she hiding those great legs?

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How could DBZ fans allow this to happen?
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There will never be a good physical release of dbz
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Was pretty sure they had released a 4:3 on bluray. They will most likely do it to milk money out of it
Vegeta has one hell of a tan.

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Why doesn't /a/ ever talk about this show?
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Cause it's not 2007 (10 years ago) anymore.
It was really popular back then so all the people who have been around already discussed it to death. It's pretty mediocre all things considered
Because everyone knows the VN are great.

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Hah hah time for anal violation!
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Introduction of a new idiot!
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This is Haruka. She's got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her ribbons trap the souls of its victims.
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OP, was being a faggot part of your plan?
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Too bad that I already have Haruka's back.

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Any minute now...
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Started watching this in hopes that it would be something good.

It's just one of those reset series where you could basically watch the episodes in any order and not be confused, since there's barely no story development besides the creepy girl.

This show is just about nug. Nothing else matters.
> Watching a literal meme show
> Unironically
> Ever

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Wont accept this ending as canon.
Fucking Hata.
I can't see Nagifags 100% happy with this, Hata literally shat on your girl for years broke her heart, changed everything she was and then throw a bone to them looking all smug about it and it wasn't even a confession.
Finally, we can get off this train wreck of a ride.

A-Tan best girl

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Griffith literally did nothing wrong. Also I'm pretty sure Casca liked it.
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All haill Griffith!
He took it in the butt once
pretty sure he something wrong there
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Do you love your mother, /a/?
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What was the last chapter about?
whats dis

we'll hopefully find out soon

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