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Were the movies any good?
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Can I skip the first two movies?
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if you watched the series, yes. if you didnt or dont remember what happened in the series then no. they do a quick recap anyhow.

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this is the epitome of reddit, it cannot get more reddit than this
I kind of wonder if he molested her, because she seems to be overreacting considering all he did was write this and read Oreimo.

Or maybe she's just really upset that he's making money off of writing this sort of tripe while she's an OL or something.
You might want to check what kind of site that is

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Hey, /a/. Is there a term or phrase for this painful, empty feeling in my heart and stomach after I finish watching an anime? I don't watch a lot and it's annoying. What should I do?
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thats just suicidal depression anon, it has nothing to do with the anime
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But it seems to only happen after I finish an anime season.
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I know this feel, too. It's how you know you really enjoyed an anime. It feels terrible to be rid of it.

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Why do mentors always die?
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Seijiro Hiko didn't.
Hero's journey
It's in their contract. They should have read the fine print.

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Choose one /a/ character to be your best friend

>pic related
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This girl.
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kuroko a cute.png
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As any jockey will tell you, the> bond between jockey and horse is one of the crucial dynamics of racing. Longtime horse-and-jockey pairs come to know each other, respect each other, and get a sense for each other's moods just as if they were good friends. The manga Our Derby (Futari no Derby) by Masahito Sasaki explores this further, since the horse in this case is actually a centaur.

Well, /a/?
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They will have a blast with this.
Is a centaur an athlete?

I showed it to TF. She said she'd have to buy it.

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What show (that isn't airing right now) are you watching right now and what are your thoughts on it.

For me,

Ayashi no Ceres, 4 episodes in

Seems somewhat interesting, although the artstyle is dated with the sharp ass can opener chins. OP is nice, ed is fucking terrible. Main angel bitch is pretty fappable.
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I'm finishing Windy Tales right now. It's pretty comfy.
Also watching Spice and Wolf. It was a little overhyped. Just finished season 1. Pretty much nothing happened
I'm finally watching Brigadoon after its been in my backlog for almost 20 years now.
>Spice and Wolf

I didn't think the second season was much better than the first. Still, both shows have solid atmosphere. Both go too much into detail about money and economics and shit for my liking.

Wouldn't be averse to another season but I don't think it'll happen at this point.

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>character uses an honorific or other similar term to refer to a character
>translator subs it as the character's name whom they're referring to

I understand why dubs are shit, but we can't condone subs either
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Subbers that do that usually would reply with something like "LOL what are you, a weaboo?"

Dubs are shit but subs are not that good either these days. I'd suggest learning japanese and watching RAW instead if these small details bother you so much.
That's what I'm saying, it's annoying when you know the words and they sub it wrong anyway. Translations are a bit subjective but that's no excuse

Although, the people that need subs probably wouldn't know otherwise anyway
Subbers are only human, we're more worried about whether or not the translation keeps the original idea intact and that it's easy to understand, as well as not taking so long to read that you have to pause the video to catch up. To keep up with the unrealistic demands of the viewers to have an almost instant release, we don't have the time to go back and check if we should change something like in OP's pick. There's also the question of translation liberties: Some subgroups keep honorifics and some don't, for example. Rather than hating it, I think that it's something to be cherished. You have a choice, not every subgroup does their translations the same.

>It's over. It's finally over. The 20-year-long, single-night roller coaster ride spanning over 200 chapters has finally come to an end. That's right, the Washizu Arc has finished with this chapter!! We wanted to get this chapter out sooner but there are some commemoration pages at the start that we felt we had to do which took a while to finish, but at least we've caught up before the release of the next chapter!

Mods: Sticky please.
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>sticky this thread
but there's only two posts lol

also isn't there one more chapter after this?
>but there's only two posts lol
because of neo-/a/

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Akibastrip Idol Dance.webm
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Now that the Dust is settled, and sales weren't even that great. What are your thoughts towards this anime?
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Good fun and mayo a cute.
It was a pleasant surprise. I went in expecting just pure garbage but it ended up being pretty entertaining in its own way.
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Arisa blush.jpg
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What the hell?
From the thumbnail at first I thought that was thighs and colored thigh highs with panties closeup of some girl.

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How likely is it that Kanae was the last winner of the Anthybowl? Akio said the game has been played out many times over... would it have been Tenjou Academy if Utena had accepted the princess role?
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It sucks ass who cares?
Wasn't it implied that Akio and Anthy poisoned Kanae?
File: kZrShlW.png (639KB, 720x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Yes, in a way that's visually reminiscent of Anthy's punishment.

Who is the smartest baka out of all bakas in anime?
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File: Tohkas.jpg (85KB, 910x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Tohka is pretty smart, this is a proof.
File: 1475371153309.jpg (54KB, 580x630px)Image search: [Google]
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Tohka a smarter.

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People who did nothing wrong
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>be stereotyped as psycho killer clown
>literally almost never killed anyone for dumb reasons or no reason

except that very first guy at the waiting area for the hunter exam I guess.
He literally killed a bunch of people in the Hunter Exam for no reason while laughing maniacally.

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I want to protect this smile.
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I would take her crabs.
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Best girl
Batfags pls go and stay go
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>wanting to protect a sloot

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/a/, have you ever tried to summon a succubus?
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I just keep getting worst girls like the one in your picture whenever I try.
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I could never get something so pure no matter how hard I try.

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