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Thread for those who like Veterans

Previous thread: >>156145800

Chapter 92:

Reminder that Eren's "conciousness" traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and Mikasa.
Reminder that Eren is Bran Stark
Reminder that Gabi is an obnoxious shit and BRA deserve to die.
Reminder that a Scouting legion victory would mean the destruction of the entire world.

>Galliard is Ymir's last name. They gave her special serum to make her badass
>Jean will be Hanji's new Moeburrito.
>Annie is quite literally forgotten by the rest of the characters.

Eren Kruger>>>>>shit>>Eren Yeger


Episode 29 Preview:

Hisu's body Bowl:
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Reiner and Ymir are lovers.


Anyone who thinks otherwise are fags
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>Top Tier
Kenny, Erwin, Reiner, Kruger, Miss Kirstein, Shadis, Nanaba, Mike, Moblit, Zackley

>Great Tier
Ymir, Historia, Annie, Bertolt, Hanji, Rico, Hitch, Petra, Gelgar, Lynne, Ilse, Nifa, Ian, Anka

>Good Tier
Levi, Pixis, Jean, Gabi, Traute, Zeke, Carla, Gunther, Eld, Siss, Ness, Henning, Mitabi, Nile, Flegel, Fay, Marcel

>Mid Tier
Connie, Sasha, Marlo, Flocke, Dina, Kuchel, Oluo, Keiji, Hannes

>Low Tier
Mikasa, Marco, Franz, Hannah, Mina, Uri, Grice

>Shit Tier
Armin, Grisha, Alma, Thomas, Daz, Eren, Kitz, Boris, Djel, Dennis

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Did anybody even know this was a thing? It just came out on himado.

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didn't know it have OVA. It was probably one of the most underrated shows but I'm enjoying it anyway.
Are there subs?

Akanecchi said knock you out!
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This will be the last time she smiles
are many people even watching this anime? I find it really sweet and pretty to look at
Nope. /a/ doesn't watch good anime

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Is he still the strongest in the game? I've been out of the mix since 2005.

If not what's stronger?
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Konami recently went full madman and altered to rules of the game in such a way that it ruined most current decks.
that's a good thing
How so?

Who the fuck wrote this shit? What was Kyoani thinking green lighting this?
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Some edgy teenager probably.
Ok, I'll bite.

What anime do you personally think has great dialogue?
i almost want to rewatch Hyouka to screencap these now

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Has anime ever inspired you to make a positive change in your life? If it has, which show?
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Kill la Kill opened my eyes on how much shit is Trigger
Making blogging thread on /a/ with my fellow normalfags.
I've learned to hate politics and anyone actively involved with them.

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I don't know what you're talking about, anon. That's a bear.
You mean the bear?
>I'm a D for doragon

Why is she such a liar?

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This is the best Nisio
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>being such a fucking loser you only get a cameo and one episode
Poor Misogi
Read the manga you ridiculous animal.
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「Open sweaters」.jpg
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I did
But I wanted to hear Megumi Ogata being best boy

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>You will never obtain beautiful twin slave girls who are magically compelled to follow your every order but choose to do it out of their own will anyway because you're just so kind and wonderful.
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>wonderful and kind
>literally murdered a bunch of people in the last 3 chapters
Didn't you hear the Bartender? He says please and thank you so he can't be a bad person.
Reminds me of Sasuke

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>Hahaha even though you're my sisters kid I don't have a problem with you fucking my daughter. Make sure you do it when she's of age though kiddo!

What the fuck?!
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Best uncle.
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What's the issue?
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I don't see the problem.

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Episode 3 in approximately one hour. Get ready for more of best girl.
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>more of best girl
>It's imouto episode
Really makes you think

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Get in here utahabros
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File: C93jRhBUwAEHiJY.jpg:large.jpg (168KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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We return to our daily scheduled programme to bring you the latest in Abyss adventures.

Hello Abyss - 28 - "Entrance to the Sixth Layer"

[First Layer]
[Second Layer]
[Third Layer]
[Fourth Layer]
"Nanachi's Hideout"
"Garden of the Flowers of Persistence"
[Fifth Layer]
[Sixth Layer]
The [Dead End] starts downwards from here.
[Seventh Layer]

"I came from the bottom of the fifth layer."
Fifth Layer
"From a place they call as the [Forward Operating Base]."
Sixth Layer

"The final point where humans can still return from as humans."
"Bondrewd's miniature garden."

"The location you're heading for is also there."

The [only entrance to the sixth layer] that white whistles use to start their final journey.
Is located within the Forward Operating Base.

"The child of a white whistle, who resurrected from the Abyss... The mechanical doll who is immune to curses..."
"I don't think he'll just let you pass under his nose."
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"It's likely that an encounter is unavoidable."
"Keep that in mind."

"As I thought, the place where the insect bit you is swollen..."
"Nnaa. I told you, it's fine-"


"What's that...?"
"Nnaa... a water support has collapsed."
Bless you, and conveniently during my lunch break too.
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Enjoy, anon.

"The frozen ridge-lines are exposed."
"Stay alert, we're going forward."

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Episode in less than 2 hours
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the title caught my eye

whats this about?
is that was the anime looks like?

damn it's even worse than I thought
romance story between a robot lover and his robot waifu

oh and some bitch interferes

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156072604
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LWA - Straight Outta Luna Nova.jpg
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Requesting the album cover for NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" recreated with the cast of LWA.
Requesting Aoi the cutie pie doing the "Oh shit I'm late" putting-shoe-on toast-in-mouth ready-to-run-for-it pose
Requesting stereotypical JRPG antagonist from the 90s-00s versions of these girls.

Refs for ideas here: http://imgur.com/a/RrktD

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