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Rin sent you this selfie.What's your reply?
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Not a very flattering picture your dumb whore. Put a bra on.
Nice desu ne.
Eat a sandwhich girl.

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I want Ymir to fuck Christa.
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yes, we know, you're that only one guy who wants that
ymir died in the most recent chapter so she never does.
I want to be a descendant of Ymir and commit mass genocide and rape of Marleyan scum. Gas the Marleyans, Eldia did nothing wrong

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I'm watching ep 4 of this shit and it's been extremely boring so far, does it get good or should I drop it?
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Spoiler alert
Nothing happens, none of the characters develop, they don't kiss, and it has a non ending
I scream
>Does it get good
No, the first arc is about as interesting as it gets plot-wise.

If you're expecting the characters to become tolerable human beings instead of being annoying caricatures that only have a handful of catchphrases that they exchange with each other, then you'll be disappointed.

It had pretty good visuals but that was about it.

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Was there a real moral to this story, or was it just a bunch of stuff that happened?

On one hand they said that you shouldn't shut other people out of your life, but there were some genuine Grade A cunts like Kawai and Ueno who anyone would be absolutely right to cut off.

On one hand they were trying to say that you shouldn't kill yourself because that hurts other people, but nobody seeks professional help either so, what, they carry on feeling like shit and hang on out of pure guilt?
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Ask again in a month after the BDs are out. Burgers haven't seen it.
There's a manga though, did they change very much?
Don't speak if your opinion or voice is terrible or else you get Ueno'd.

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What was everyones first anime? Pic related was mine when I was 10. It fucked me up...
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VHS of YuGiOh Duelist Kingdom rented from my local library.
Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Yu Gi Oh
There might be a fourth one somewhere I can't remember
I was introduced to watch EVA by fc when I started playing ffxiv.

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Do you think the films will change your view of Sakura?
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Once a wormslut, always a wormslut.
Never ever, her sister is better in every way except boobs.
Sakura will always be worst girl in my heart.

Describe Shalltear-sama without using the letter "C"
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Stool. It also applies to your taste.
Stools are different from chairs

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what would you do in this situation?
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Send that creep a bill.
Silicone don't come cheap, you know.
keep fondling

ITT good tsundere
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silly anon, this isn't a worst girl thread
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First post is off to a good start.

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Imagine an anime with Wendy, the Burger King, Chuck E Cheese, Ronald McDonald, the KFC Colonol, and the Starbucks girl all owning restaurants and fighting to destroy each other's restaurants to get more customers and grow their chain. Would you watch this?
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Yes, this needs to be an anime.
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I'd rather just get season 2
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only because of the potential wendy's doujins that would come out of it
redheads with braids hit so many of my strike zones

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Why does everyone like lolis so much?
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/a/ is full of horny old men who wish that they had daughters.
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its the unny


Whats the best monthly subscription box for anime and manga collectibles?
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Fuck off.
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Thanks for the response but not exactly helpful friend.
Why would you ever buy such a thing when 90% of it is guaranteed not to suit your interests? Is your level as low as the normies who buy loot crates?

Hello /a/! After a long hiatus, I have returned!

Post your waifu, and I'll draw her quickly!
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Listen dude this kind of thread only works every once in awhile as a refresher.

I don't know how well the other threads have gone because i was only in the first one but you don't wanna make this thread too often because after awhile people start getting familiar with one another end either generate a hugbox or a large shitposting circle like the WWD is sometimes.

I'm not saying stop, I'm just saying be careful.
The most recent one I've done was well over two years ago, at least.
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Draw a skeleton with a cool looking machine weapon

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>Expecting cool viking story
>Want to see little kid grow up into be strong viking
>Instead get 50 chapters of "Waahhh killing is bad "
>Norse men "dindu nuthin" it's the culture
>70 chapters of fucking farming
Literally what the fuck? Who would enjoy writing something like this? It's like they took the longest most boring parts of vagabond extended them and made it into a manga about white people.

Yes Vinsland killing is bad and slavery is bad thank you for that well thought out and fucking life changing message.
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good for you OP now stop sperging out and find something else to read.

wew not like I expect shonen babies to learn things anywway.
The fuck Shonen have to do with anything?
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I know it's bait but I wouldn't mind seeing some Vinland Saga discussion so I'll respond.

OP, google Thorfinn Karlsefni. It might be loosely based, but it's a historical manga about getting to Vinland. Everything else is just context.

Misa Hayase - Macross.
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Best girl is Milia though.
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