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Where is the chapter?
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You missed the thread, anon.
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best girl.jpg
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Every thread until everyone falls beneath me in nationals.

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What other fantasy race do you want to see next?
How big do you want it to be?
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I want the real porn back
Wood elf has a nice ass too.
I want to drink with that Oni.

The dragon has such a goofy-looking face. It's not scary at all.
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That dragon is best girl of the season
Dragon-chan's in her awkward teenage years, don't be mean.
Anatae is apparently basically Siena in Italy.

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Iori is a fucking bitch.
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>Iori is a fucking bitch
why have you been holding out on anal with her Anon?
Anus Painus.
Famous Anus.

>A masterpiece is born a masterpiece
>A masterpiece becomes one after the test of time

Which is correct?
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Second option. If something comes out that's really good and worthy of being called a masterpiece, it may just be a personal over inflated hype to it where the real opinion only comes out a few years after if anyone has forgotten about it.
If your show is forgotten, it could be good, but not a masterpiece.
If it isn't then its a masterpiece.
Then you could have a masterpiece only for you if you're the only one who remember the show?

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Yurika on her way to the final page!
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What a cute METEORITE
J-novel licended it and hired Warnir the translator.
Is this goodbye to free translations?

Apparently this show is getting a spinoff manga centering around 2 highschool kids and how the events of the show affect them.

Why does the art look like shit?
I can't believe I'm saying 3D > 2D in this case.
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It was based on a manga no one heard about so
The manga is a second product to the show.
And both manga and spinoff have some next level shit art so no one cares.
It's going to be shit.
It only works because of all those serious people in suits interacting with each other and alien. Those two kids won't have information about Yaha-kui's antics and it's going to follow their boring life in school and maybe using Wam.

This wasn't as bad as people make it out to be.
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Yeah, it was worse
It was just a watered down Code Geass with Shinji Ikari as the protagonist, there's far worse shit out there.

If anything, I'd say it's worth watching because of the visuals, the music and the crazy action scenes that are very much like the ones from Code Geass. Even the story has its moments, but I do think it's the worst part of the show.

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>no threads up for moeshit of the season
what happened /a/?
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Everyone finally realized that moeshit is exactly that; shit.
We've moved on to better things.
HN is simply shit of the season
>nothing for this either
tfw they are my two favourite of the season

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Why didnt you buy them yet?
3 more coming this year (nise1/2 + neko kuro)
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>Why didnt you buy them yet?

Holy shit, thanks for reminding me that the third volume is out.

>3 more coming this year (nise1/2 + neko kuro)
It's fantastic and all but it's pretty stange since the other series are so slower, is it selling much more than the rest?
But I did

I'm still hoping for more Zaregoto

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What's this pose even called?
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Dunno, but its purpose is to be able to show your naked pussy in webcame on monitor, spreeding knees.
The comfy
autist squat

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Now that the grime has cleared, was One Punch Man a masterpiece?
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It was really good - great, even. But I don't think it's a masterpiece. Really looking forward to the next season though.
Really good animation for the fight scenes, good music, but the pacing ranged a bit in the show. Still was very enjoyable to watch though.
No and neither will s2 because of dumb fucking fillershit.

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First trailer seems a little thin and doesn't seem particularly encouraging in any way other than the music.

On the other hand, the official website is pretty dope.
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>smartphone only actually shows up for like 6 frames
So it's true
Was that Kyou and Ryou?
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You're not the first one to point that out.

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Series that actually made you cry ?

I shed some weabo tears when i watched planetarian, was a little drunk but shit was so depressing . I got into it expecting your usual animu melodrama .... all i got was feels.
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Gundam 0079's ending was beautiful. I shed a tear.
Same for Zeta, except it was also really devastating.
not quite with Kimi no Na wa.
there needs to be more anime that brings the feels
Shit had such a manly ending it had me balling like a little bitch

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Dagashi Kashi
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kaiji kun one more beer and sausages you'll be s happy hhhmmmm yeah hai kaiji kun motto motto haiā€¦..

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