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Which loli characters will grow up with huge tits?

Pic related left stays flat while right will grow up to be healthy.
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>That anime
Both are gonna die, right?
>growing up
>huge tits
Into the trash they go.
Pretty much.

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Which do you prefer anon?

Everyone grew up with at least one. Did you stay with it, or change to the other side?
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Digimon anime, Pokemon games. This is objectively the correct answer.
Pocket Monsters has better anime and games

Digimon doesnt have the budget to compete, sadly
Pokemon games were fun as a kid, but I can't do the collection rpg stuff anymore.

At least the only digimon games I've played (years ago) you had a single fighter or something like that, felt more like a journey instead of a "throw balls at things".

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One-dimensional garbage
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Nigga you blind, they've got 2.
there's no way Rem can be saved

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kill kill marry
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Marry marry kill then fuck
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kill kill marry
I wouldn't kill any of them, but I'll marry Rihoko.

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new chapter when
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Seras snaps.webm
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This is probably one of my favorite tropes in a story.

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Next week.

Please enjoy the authentic feel of waiting fucking forever for Ace's inevitable comeback.
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But Ace doesn't need a comeback, she's already rocking the game.
yes they do need it

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
2. Darker than Black
3. Eureka Seven Ao
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Rakugo season 2
The Big O
What was wrong with TTGL ending? It was sad yeah, but it was the perfect conclusion, the best a god can do is leave us mortals alone, and he'll be back when we'll need him again.

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I want to FUCK Erina.
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get in line
I'm third in line then I guess.
Alice is the sexiest character

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Can we have a 3x3 thread?
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Not with taste that bad.
>>156626648 > >>156626791
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Hello friends


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Or a manga plot, or anything else relevant.

Challenge: No isekai.
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A battle shonen with debates instead of fight scenes
Read Plato, Socrates or something something Greeks then.
an anime about a city where people have superpowers but there's still normal people, and you explore the conflicts of superpowerful people being friends with normal people

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Someone explain to me why, Fafnir, aka the best character in the series, got so little screentime? Were the worthless human animators too foolish to give the best and strongest dragon more screentime? In total, I only got about 6-7 minutes of screentime, Fafnir should have gotten way more than that. I also think it would have been more interesting if Kobayashi ended up becoming a magical girl but only Fafnir knew about it and they went on adventures together.
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>it would have been more interesting if Kobayashi ended up becoming a magical girl
Better yet, why was Elma introduced so late and why didn't they do anything fun with the rivalry between her and Tooru?
Fafnir was good because he was used sparingly.

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Miss me /a/?
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This is me
nope I'm not into obese chicks

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Will we ever get non-shit art Berserk again or does Miura just not care anymore?
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I don't care as long as the series continues
I'm holding out that this shitty digital art is just because he wants to rush to the important bits and go back to how great it used to be for the big moments that are hopefully coming out. At this point, I just want my grandkids to be able to read the series in its entirety.
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This, I just want to see how Guts's journey ends and if it was all worth the pain and suffering, the man deserves a rest.

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>"I'm going to completely discard my super hero ideals, which are the core of my character, to save third best girl who also happens to be terminally ill and will probably go on a killing spree sooner or later."
>The game even gave me a bad ending for choosing not to go along with this insanity

For fucks sake I almost don't even want to finish this story now. Does anyone else think that Heaven's Feel is the most retarded route?
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Fuck off
Nope. It's the best route. Plebs like you wouldn understand.
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Would /a/ rather work at SHAFT?
>10 hour workday
>2 hour break but subject to change
>No days off
>Located in Tokyo

Or would /a/ prefer a job at KyoAni?
>8 hour workday
>1 day off
>Holidays off
>Overtime work uncommon, but paid
>Located in Kyoto
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Why would anyone work in anime? you work your ass off and it pays like shit.
>would you rather have a good job at one of most recognized anime studio or a meh job at less recognized studio
gee boss i don't know...

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