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Even Japan knows TTGL is casual shit for children. Why can't /a/ realize the same?


>Comments: "Disgusting" "Ripoff" "Wasn't that bad, but it's easy to tell how old people who say it's really good are" "stay the fuck out of SRW please" "The best robot anime were in the 80's" "Isn't the believe in me who believes in you thing a ripoff of Kamen Rider 555?"

>"The so-called hotblood was too aimed for and badly written" "Throwing together tropes doesn't make a good show" "Only children like this rubbish" "I honestly found it boring" "Fake hotblood" "People say it's a homage but it's just a ripoff" "I don't think it's a ripoff, but the supposed hotbloodedness felt all wrong" "This is a parody right?"
>I hate how the retards who like this tend to make fun of the shows it's an homage to
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>caring about what chinks with crippling depression have to say on animu forums

Just let me enjoy my giant robots, you fags
>"This is a parody right?"

It sort of is.
Also didn't this sell enough to pretty much save the studio back then? Comments on the internet are terrible way to gauge popularity compared to raw sales data. You could have just said that it's super overrated..
Aren't they known for having bad taste?

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Why is white hair/black hairs combination so popolar?
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One of those niggas is blonde.
Because it's hot
Because Yin and Yang.
Get it?
They're gay for each other.
Now lets fuck my friend, cum on my face

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Left..or right?
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right. is that even a discussion
So support or team mate?

i like pink hair girls, but i'm not into her eyes or weird squid hair

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Why don't you stop pirating and start buying anime?
How can you say you like anime if you don't buy it?
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>How can you say you like anime if you don't buy it?
What kind of loser actually likes anime? I only watch it to make reading the doujins better.
I don't like it. I'm trying to ruin it through piracy.
Capitalism is preventing me from doing so.
If only there were a good communist nation not filled with dictators.

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Why isn't this anime more popular?
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Also why is the soundtrack so underrated?



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It was kinda popular in Mexico, that based Mexican dub, i mis Zaz ; _ ;
Anime was pretty fun, manga was even better until it went to shit and ended unceremoniously.
Shigure best girl.

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dumping Korean scans
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I know it's a bit early for a new chapter but this is all for the sake of the announcement.

So, CyComics will start releasing the volumes of their comics.
As a part of their starting line-up, a few series, Murenase included, will be getting their first volumes.
They're scheduled to go on sale on July 28th.
Furthermore, CyComics will release the volumes around the 30th day of each month. (Although it won't necessarily mean that we'll get the second volume of Murenase in August but hey, that's a possibility given how much content the series has right now.)


Now we wait for Chapter 26. It will come out in around 30 minutes. I will dump all of it here as usual.
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And the chapter's out here:
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Prison school thread, I hope you are all up to date on the Manga
I feel Hana needs to be more honest with herself and Kiyoshi needs to stop being so dense, I feel these two will wind up together.
Also Risa is best girl, and Andre is a sack of crap unless he really Can't remember his time with her, what does she even see in him any way?
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What sorcery is this?
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>Risa is best girl
all I needed to hear anon.
>Kiyoshi needs to stop being so dense, I feel these two will wind up together
I'm not positive they'll end up together but the yakiniku is fated to go wrong after that he's definitely going to reflect on his talk with Hana at some point later on.
Presumably right before Chiyo is willing to forgive or talk to him about what ever happens at the party he could be driven to suicide again but who knows.
Reminder that Chiyo will unlock her inner super slut and rape kiyoshi

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the satania thread is back, that is
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Gabdro thread?
Gabdro thread.

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season2 coming soon
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A full Third Aerial Girls series
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>Ace Combat anime with cute girls
Sign me up.

Why couldn't all of BLEACH been like this?
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Masaki a cute!
>allows aizen's creation to penetrate her
>ntr and makes another man raise it
>Ichigo's mom was a big-titted retard like Orihime

Like father like son.

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>pleases old men for money
>beats young men for free

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What do you call an undershirt like that?
a realta nua

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up on nigstream

Hope this girl ends up looking better than Yuzuriha
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>those shoes
so this guy is definitely watching those Primitive Technology videos on youtube
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Learning new things about anime you watched while younger can be unsettling.
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What's his fucking problem?
>she literally can't comprehend what he's saying
>she literally can't imagine not depending on her beloved onii-chan
>A single glance from Hikari and Takeru knew exactly why.

Damn, buckethead got cucked by her brother. He never stood a chance.
He just realized that the girl he's interested in has a brother complex.

Season 2 when?
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I want to to rest my head on Rin's breasts and talk Suzuki's with her.
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damn her doujin was so goood

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