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Naruto, One Piece, Pokémon and others with more than 500 episodes
Little Witch Academia only 25
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Because there was a clear goal with an end in mind that only warranted 25 episodes after TWO OVAs.
because its not shit like others
OVA = good
25 TV episodes = mediocre
weekly shonen format hundreds of episodes = ???

Which one is cooler?
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the one with purple
the one on the left is Cooler
The one of the left is Coolza and the one on the right is Freeler. Neither of them are Cooler.

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That pic you just posted isn't yuri though.
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Bananas are not that good.
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They are good as fuck, and you can eat them in a millon way, I bet you are an apple eater
Bananas are one of the best fruits.
Bananas are shit-tier fruit.

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Another scanlated chapter, dumping
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Who /archive/ here?
I always first read the scan, and buy the manga if i like it. Than i read my physical copy, but i'm often disappointed when i compare it to the digital scans i formerly read. So i want to create a personal HD Scan archive of my favorite manga. There is any site that might help me with this proposal?
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Pray to the goddess, and the answer might come upon you soon.
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i want these tits i bigger quality too
That's the original resolution of Sunday digital rips though.

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We cardboard cutouts now?
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These last 6 episode will be the rearing of the old episodes right? It gonna look its age for sure, but I dont really remember how the older episode looks like either.
Holy shit! They really raped Ai in this episode!
Why is this allowed?
They run out of budget.

Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.
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>spam threads
- Please avoid making threads in “general” or “template” formats. Avoid chaining threads, copy-pasting OPs, backlinks, and the like.
who are you quoting?

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Emotional Exposition.webm
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Grave of the Fireflies is one of the worst, most manipulative movies of all time.
In saying that, there is no better retard detector. Anyone who says they cried, or that people 'missed the point', automatically qualify as complete morons.
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You can cry to Shawshank (not real) but you can't to animation. Who brought about this standard?
So what was the point anon? I saw it as a tragic tale of two war orphans trying to survive in a callus and uncaring environment.
how long do you plan on repeating this?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Um, did you forget to read the sticky?

>Please avoid making threads in “general” or “template” formats. Avoid chaining threads, copy-pasting OPs, backlinks, and the like.

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Whole Cake Island.png
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What went wrong?
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Vinsmokes won't get their comeuppance
Would be a great arc if it was short and sweet. Just let them fucking escape and be done with it. But apparently Oda is going to stretch it further.
Turning Big Mom Pirates into Big Meme Pirates. Almost everyone in her crew are jobbers

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Kuragehime is finally over and best boy lost.. I'm mad.

Did you like the ending?
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Yes, I always liked the main boy, and deeply hate /a/ and all /a/ memes, so I liked it.
Translation when? Who won? put it in spoilers.
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It's on the goddess. Clothes won, Tsukimi is a strong Asian woman who don't need no man.

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pic 1.png
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Who is more based?
They're both cool in opposite ways, and both slay puss, but who does it better?
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class president is the best
Based on what
facts, science and word of god

So, when do these 2 fuck already?
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Those 2 don't, but it's canon she does after he leaves. Drop it while you can.
We need doujins of daughter walking on dad plowing her from behind.
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Kotori isn't into sensei and even fucks someone else?

File: Cyberteam-in-Akihabara-Heade.jpg (54KB, 600x383px)Image search: [Google]
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>90s shit character designs
Thank God we are passed this
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90's shit character designs thread?
The style has evolved. It's less embarrassing visually and more embarrassing contentwise.

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