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Be honest /a/. Did she get you?
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I still don't get what actually happened in that chapter.
Yes, I was ready to flip some tables

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he could've shot Charioce here, instead he takes 3 steps, winds up and punches Cheerios' face. could've also killed Cheerios when he popped the smokescreen.

this episode was shit unless you're a girl or love shoujo.
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Favaro's gone softer over the years, but he was always kind of like that when it came to killing people/hurting those he cared about.
This episode was definitely frustrating, but I'm holding out hope that we're past most of the romance stuff and the remaining episodes will be mostly action.
He didn't want to kill his cute pupil's crush
Also dem Sofiel's look so soft

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Looks familiar...
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What're you saying?
What is with that anatomy

there's like something weird with the way she's walking in that large panel
the body language tell that the bitch is angry, she want to kill motherfuckers

Does /a/ like 4 cut hero?
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Sell me on it. It looks like uninspired trash from cover alone.
It's gook shit so there is about a 90% chance it is uninspired trash.
It is very-very good.

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it was ok.
the ending ruined everything.
thats it.
When will people learn that overrated and popular mean different things?
The mc got cucked pretty bad.

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ITT: Good series with terrible endings
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Kuma Miko ending was so bad the Manga author made a public apology for it.
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this shit

Episode 7 is out
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this smug ass cunt
Wow I've never seen a series thread this dead before. These two episodes were pretty good too
i think because subs got delivered very late

Will subs be in time for a change today?
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They'll take even longer than usual because the translator can't understand what An is saying.
The most exciting day of the week has finally arrived,
The curse is still upon us, it seems.

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Respect Women.png
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How far would Light have gone if the Death Note hadn't corrupted him into Kira?
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Had his goal still being the god of a new world?
He would have won hands down.
How would he have won?
Second L

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>ITT: anime where the good guy loses
Just finished this and was pretty disappointed. The ending was very boring and predictable imo. I saw it coming and didn't think they'd have to balls to have Light win and live and create his new world. And I was right, they didn't. Whether or not you think Light was a "good guy" or not, or even if you think good and evil has no place in this series, just imagine the thoughts of the SPK and Light's team as they have to watch crime jump 300% and wars start again, and rapes and murders and robberies skyrocket as everyone realizes Kira is dead, and be unable to stop it and have to try and rationalize and convince themselves that stopping Kira was the right thing to do as they watch people get murdered in the streets again.
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>the swimming coach is the good guy
In the manga they show that, after a year, the crime levels returned to "normality" (before Light started to kill criminals), and they were pretty fine with it

Yup, fucking retarded. Still, Light was a fucking kid (all the retarded decisions he made just because he's a ego faggot and he tought to be a god instead of just enjoying the world he creates) and was starting to being literal cancer (wanted to kill NEETs, unemployed or whatever other fucker).
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>lol crime is back to normal and criminals are killing innocents in the street again, good work boys we did it, we stopped Kira and fixed the world because our justice is the only real justice
Fuck that's some stupid shit.

What Gundam has the best character design?
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you just posted it
It looks like eureka seven

Find a flaw
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Not teaching me math right now.
She's just as pathetic as me.
Hair color and style don't go together imo, but still great choices individually.

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I can´t understand why every anime list recommends this serie. Can someone explain it to me?
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You were memed
It's a great show with a great cast. Very comfy, and light.
It's a cute girls show, but it's classy pseuds can put it on their 3x3 to show everyone that they like CGDCT without ruining their image of being a discerning intellectual.

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Shuichi Shigeno (creator of Initial D) has a new driving manga series releasing Soon™ entitled "MF Ghost".
In the year 202X, self-driving cars have become the norm in Japan. The protagonist, an ace driver returns to Japan after learning how to race professionally in the UK. This young genius driver will create a new legend!

Pic related was in Weekly Young Seinen this week, teasing the upcoming series with an image of an R35 Nismo GT-R (2017) with a drone chasing it, and an image of the protagonist.

initial D 2.0
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Does this mean that this series will also include eurobeats whenever the anime adaptation comes out a few years from now?
i'd be excited if his last couple of non initial d stuff wasnt utter shit. the league of their own one i gave up after 7 chapters.
From the premise I can tell that his thing would be disabling traction control or something, but I'm hoping his stunts would be more outlandish. I'll be following it occasionally.

How do you feel /a/ has been improved in the last week?
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>using yotsuba blue theme instead of superior tomorrow
/a/ is the same.
Everything is about the same.
>How do you feel /a/ has been improved in the last week?
It hasn't

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Great going mods!

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