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Is this one of the greatest romance in anime ever?
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That would be Fafner
I want to watch this. Should i start from 2004 anime or can i start from 2016 sequel?

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>161217653
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Requesting Mai Natsume and her mom standing with their breasts pressed together.

More references: http://imgur.com/Gjt9Gu8
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Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: http://imgur.com/a/qItQA
Requesting Frenda putting starfishes on her nipples and discovering that they have mouths in the centre the HARD way

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Will she get her voice in time for Gekijou S2? I'm a bit worried.
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I want to do something to that forehead.
bap is not aloud!!
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Hey, if Uzuki could get her smile back after her best friends abandoned her, anything is possible. Don't stop believing.

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It's out.

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Someone's getting a beating
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At least Fumita didn't show Carol's hidden face again.
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Who's Misuzu talking to?
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>still no face shown

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What does /a/ think of Kuck no Honkai?

I just watched it from start to finish for the first time.

Roastie music teacher needs to fuck off.
Cuck literature teacher needs to get over his mother and stop being such a beta fuck.
Mugi should have settled for his childhood princess friend or pursued the tomboy with huge tits (what happened to her? Just one last fuck in a motel?)
Hanabi should have learned to love the sexually aggressive redhead, the only one in the entire series who genuinely loved her.

I've never watched anything so frustrating. I suppose I should be glad it wasn't a generic happy ending.
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Fuck off, /r9k/.
The whole series revolves around cheating, I think those words are pretty appropriate.

Don't tell me you didn't get mad at the marriage proposal.
It was fun to watch. Romance is always portrayed as pure and innocent in anime. They need to show some of the negative sides too

I await the day they release something that actually feels real. The drama scenes in romance anime/manga are fucking retarded and unrealistic most of the time. Kuck No Honkai felt a bit over the top but it was genuine at times

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Please describe this child
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Under age.
not for sexual
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17 chapters in and boy this is not what I expected.
Very non-tropey so far. I really like the dark undertones of the MC's motivations.

So...this is where you tell me that it turns into shit.
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The ending's kinda weak but overall it's solid
No. This where I tell you you're going to thank me in another thread for telling you to keep on reading.

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Season 2 never thread.
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I forgive Ryner Lute for being an edgelord MUH EYE POWERS faggot.


ITT: Characters that are literally you.
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right down to the the leman russ
Relate too much with this guy.

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Friday night is here, let us party the night away together! Post gif/webm of dancing anime girls!

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, including the newest C92 tunes mixed live by our best DJs!
Paste this URL into your browser: untzti.me
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Is Soul Eater worth getting into?
I don't know anything about it really, but I do like the art style in pictures I've seen.
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I liked it pretty well. Nice characters, nice plot, if a little edgy, and, in my opinion, the villains are pretty well done aside from one.
It's pretty good man
It felt to me like the perfect teen show, but it's still worth watching it now i guess.
Nothing too bad, except best girl barely showed up.

Most retarded parents ever.
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It's not their fault. Even our most advanced technology can't detect a Japanese truck before they decide to reveal themselves for the strike.

>when you cross a street
>you should always look both ways before taking the first step

They just ran across, stopped in a street and wanted her to join them. If anything, her parents wanted all of them to commit mass suicide. They deserved their deaths.

Truck-kun ONLY has power on the road. He never enters the domain of the sacred sidewalk.
Who was truck-kun's first victim?

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Scanlation thread. What are you working on, /a/?
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I'm delaying my stuff indefinitely until I get a graphic tablet.
I was planning on getting a wacom draw, do you guys think it's a good choice when I'm less than a beginner in drawing, but I can do some redraws?
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Picked up some bunko yesterday, Tetsunagi Oni and School Tales of Horror by Yousuke Takahashi, and Sarutobi Sasuke by Shigeru Sugiura, all of which I intend to translate.

Last night I got excited about a recently released Captain Harlock series, but turns out, my mortal enemy in translation, Zack Davisson, is having his translation published next week.

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Fuck off

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