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I want Megumi to ride me.
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What's the best thing about Saekano, /a/?
Megumi, of course.

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Was he right?
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Literally always right
Yes, but only because he failed at his only job (getting to Shinichi's head) from day one.

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Things /a/ thinks are cool
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Not nichiflop, thats for sure.
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Little girls!
Cute girls with guns, I'm pretty sure most of /a/ likes that.

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Poor Sakura. She's such a good girl.
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She's a beautiful, ill-fated girl. Just like onii-chan.
Poor girl, she did nothing wrong
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Yes, Sakura is pure and innocent. It's a good thing she is the one who gets the true end of the series and ends up happy.

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Have you ever learned any cool tricks from watching anime, /a/?

I'll fucking do it
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Hey. Dumping a 90's manga that was reprinted recently. I think it's an anthology with cars as the theme, but I haven't looked too closely.
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Whoops, thought I extracted the first volume. Oh well, thread's already up so I'll continue with the first volume.
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>great OP and ED
>badass oppai loli
>non-beta MC who's into autoerotic shit and self-mutilation
>Kurisu and ayame-sama

So what went wrong here?
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Who was the oppai loli?
The series should have been humans vs. zombies, then went to the trash bin when Biba-sama appeared.

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if a non-meme character (vergo for example) ate it and master it alongside being generally strong what kind of moves/special moves/power ups/awakening would it have
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Split the atoms of your body.
With enough control you could do Older Toguro-tier shit like shuffling organs and changing your body shape as you see fit.
like internal alchemy?

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When does this gets good ? I'm at 4th episode, seems like shit.

Should I keep going ?
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Dumb phoneposter.
Jokes on you, I don't even own a phone.
It wasn't made for marathoning, that's for sure.

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Find me a cuter couple. I'll wait.
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Jeez, time has not been kind to Shirou.
It's hilarious how wormfags resort to doujins in order to find a flaw with Rin.
I don't follow. Where's the flaw?

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Do you really think he'll get away with saying that?
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Well traps are not inherently gay, loving traps is
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Yes traps are fucking gay.
What is your superpower /a/?

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Was this supposed to be some sort of gay sex metaphor?
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No, it's a pure love metaphor. They haven't had a true sex metaphor yet.
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Double Entry System.png
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What about this?
It's a really cute moment reminding me of real life. I was the Shinji though.

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Since the /a/ draws Cromartie High School is finished, an /a/ sings to go with the YouTube upload of it seems appropriate!
/a/ draws can be found here, for anyone that has yet to see it: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31778177

We're going to sing the short opening version of the song: https://mega.nz/#!cl4gSbRT!-lWF6le3NlJGa2N7fUuwJcwO3yn52YzTK7dXYWr5ej4
Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/185231811
Lyrics: https://pastebin.com/C3kR02Ft
E-mail: [email protected]

From last update OP seemed to have around ~10 submissions. Goal would be to have 15-20, but the more the merrier.
Either send submissions to the mail address or post them here using Mixtape or vocaroo. I recommend using Audacity for recording, it's quick, easy, free and the sound quality is a lot better.
Deadline is set for Saturday August 26th, for now.

Don't be shy, hop in the ride. What makes these great is everyone trying to sing are having fun. That's what this is all about.

Thanks in advance to every anons willing to give it a shot.
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bump for fun
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Cromartie (13).png
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Hmmmmmhmmm hmmmmhmm hmmmmhmmmhmhmhmmhmmmmmm
come on lads

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Just finished the first season of this. Wow this was great, why don't we ever have threads about it?
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/a/ doesn't like lolis nor Triela.
Probably because pretty much everyone dies in the end. Claes is best girl.

Can't wait for yet another another post shitting on Teatrino as well.
2nd season but still.

Since we can all agree that Kirino is the best OreImo girl, can we agree that Ayase is the second best?
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She's actually the best girl.
>can we agree that Ayase is the second best?
No, because she is best.
I also agree that Ayase is the best

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