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episode 6 is lit!
episode 7 is soon if HS/Amazon translators stop being a lazy

100th chapter of the manga recently got translated, you can find it on sense scans
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1.7 GiB quite the big episode.
At least it was an exciting and good episode.
Even if apparently no one is watching.
I totally forgot about that one chick scaling the walls, so I watched the episode wonder what the hell they were trying to accomplish by getting one fucking boat inside.
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He's such a happy boy.

How do you feel about smoking girls?
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They are all sluts
It look cool but it taste like shit when a girl that smokes kiss you and normally they have yellow teeth too, and you can smell them from 100m
They're inferior to non-smokers.

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>being this autistic

Is this fucking for real? Who does this?
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What shitty school uses a fucking tuxedo for its official uniform?
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manga studio generic school background
That'd be dope tho

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This guy uses slip on the MC of the last show you watched, how fucked are they?
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>Uses slip on another MC.
>Doing anything but being a setup for a lucky pervert moment.
Plot armor is a hell of a drug.
This anime is so fucking shit, but I always enjoy the slips.
What's slip?

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Aikatsu should get an S5.
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Aikatsu needs to die.
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Would you prefer Noelle or a new character be MC?
They just needed 22 episodes to finish S4.

Sorry Noe but Yume was okay.

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Let's talk about the second season that come this fall

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yfw umaru gets 10 seasons
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Who are you here?
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>first page

it's FRONTO PEIGI, ya dingus

Anyway I hope they don't fuck it up and just repeat the same kinds of stories as s1 or turn it into The Ebina show. I mean they didn't even include Kanau's little sister in the promo

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ITT: times /a/ lied to you
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What, did /a/ tell you it was good? Because that most certainly would've been a lie.
/a/ here. Yes, you found me out. Sword Art Online does not actually exist. There is no such anime. I made it up to fuck with you, and it took you years to figure it out. Don't you feel stupid now?

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>female self-inserts

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I want to smell her.
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I want to BE Hifumi
I want to be in her skin.

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Can we have a 3x3 thread?
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Now, THAT's something completely different.
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6/6, it'd be 7/7 if you didn't pick that dumb Anne prequel instead of the actual series.
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Who is the best protagonist?
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Objectively Yuya.
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Objectively Kaiba.

So the movie is for people who didn't get the series?
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I didn't get the series, and then I watched the movie and understood even less.
Both were excellent. My favorite character is ZUM.
It's really a shame that Ikuhara didn't make more movies.
It makes the series seem perfectly reasonable by comparison.

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Post awful anime adaptations.
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Is it really that awful? Aku no Hana is my favourite manga but I haven't watched the anime yet, I'm scared
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>posts a modern classic
Pic not related?
Aku no Hana's anime is great. You just don't like it because they made the girl ugly. Which was what was wrong with the original manga to begin with. Read the fucking poetry it's based on next time. The anime is amazing.

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Why is design this good being wasted on a boring candy advertisement manga?
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Give ideas where to use her then.
Gothic horror

what is the best we can hope for regarding the ending?
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Notice at the end of a random chapter that the author isn't feeling it anymore.
There might be one
I miss round Conan

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