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Pretty funny chapter.
Seeing Kouhai-chan losing her spaghetti all over the place is nice. Getting tired of Watari being the victim.
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Watari is one of the most pathetic protagonists in manga. I don't even know why I'm still reading this shit.
New girl is a legit attention whore rather than a yandere. I'm disappointed.

Also, Satsuki finally became a canon slut.
He's not really much of a beta faggot this chapter; it really surprised me in a somewhat good way.

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It's over, best gyaru lost.
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Into the trash


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Villains that deserved to win
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I felt bad for him.
Shinsekai Yaoi is so good; I love the OST.
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Reminder Joseph is the best of all Joestars. Also why does anyone like diamond is unbreakable?
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DiU is more down to earth and chill.

It's simply about school kids trying to stop a serial killer in a town not some immortal Vampire or Egyptian god's or a priest looking to find heaven in altering the universe.
I want summer to leave.
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you hate Joseph? Oh no

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WTF I love my younger sister now
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i bet your a huge disappointment in her eyes
Incest creates defective children. Is that what you want because that's likely what you'll get.
I love Kirino, but I hate the show she's in.

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they could have made this into a sequel of the anime death note and made the Original light the new shinigami
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This looks fucking retarded.

The crawling chaos!
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Lovecraft was a hack and that low-tier waifu is far worse.

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> Benantoka only draws Jks now and is a Fakku slave
> Giger counter forced to stop writing after a conspiracy against him
> Various loli artists from the notorious top 100 list disappearing. Not participating in C92 and a sudden stop to all social media activity.

Its quite obvious that things have already begun to shift behind the scenes. If you haven't already started hoarding content to tide you over in anticipation of 2020, start now. If you have the means to commission some works, get those done within the next year. Quite frankly nothing can prevent the damage to culture that is going to happen at this point.
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Geiger counter guy just said he's not doing rape comics anymore cause he feels bad about what happened, quit being an overreactive pussy
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Traps are the gods now!

Lolicon is old and busted
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>tfw I have hoarded about 15 GB of eromanga over the past few years and most of it is loli

I'm ready

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Miss Yukari was best girl, right?
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Childhood is idolizing Osaka. Adulthood is realizing Yukari-sensei makes more sense.
No, that was Nyamo.
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That's a weird way of spelling Sakaki

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How often do you pick up a manga after watching its anime adaptation, /a/?
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Barely ever. The release schedule and then translations are often abysmal. This is why I've taken to watching anime that is fully adapted or an original.
pretty much ever anime I watch and enjoy, but then I despair at how the translators are lazy fucks who refuse to work.
I'll usually give it a look if I liked the anime, mostly to see what sort of liberties the adaptation took.

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>Literally never any theads of Dive!!

What are your thoughts?
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Guess that's a no.
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It's pretty good desu

Who's your favourite character?
Worse but less gay Free

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twins drinks.png
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Why do so many people like Mami more than Ami?
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You don't understand the concept of people liking what you don't like.
It makes no sense. They are loli twins, if you are not fucking both at the same time, what's the point?
As someone who likes Mami more than Ami I can safely say it's because of the longer hair.

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Ai Nonaka.jpg
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Ai Nonaka (36) announced her marriage.
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Ai means love.
Good for her
SLU- well, maybe she'll be devoted.

Has anyone read any manga by Shinichi Hiromoto? His art style looks really cool.

Some of you might know him from the Madhouse anime adaptation of one of his manga called - "Hells".
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His art is cool and has a gritty and raw feel to it. Reminds me of Dorohedoro's artstyle. Too bad everything Shinichi Hiromoto draws is garbage
Pic unrelated?
Hiromoto would be a great concept designer with his style, but his comics are objectively shit both in story and page construction, plus he steals ideas and use them in a terribly hamfisted manner - see the heinous eva reference in yosai gakuen. Madhouse movie was really great in showing what his art coud potentially become, but never will since he keeps producing pretend-alternative manga.
He's just another wasted potential author

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my penis was not ready
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Still waiting for it to be uploaded to Nyaa since mp3 movie files still scare me.
Naked boobies? On my witches? I thought they stopped doing that in the new one.
Was that the big 10th anniversary announcement? Disappointed.

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