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>1) How excited and hype were you when you found out they were adapting Berserk in 2016?
>2) How quickly did your hype and excitement die after seeing it?
>What can be done to salvage it?

Berserk, thread, I guess. Post some Berserk memes.
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it's moving faster than the shit manga who gives a fuck how low budget the thing is?
when they try the 3d/2d I always fucking laugh my ass off.
people who expect quality animation for one of the best manga out there. Especially considering the legacy of the original

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Do you remember Vigne?
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No, because Raphi-chan is best!
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I remember Satania!

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>just be urself dude
>lol just accept who u are

How exactly was this supposed to be a riveting revelation? They spent the 2 final episode building up to THIS.
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You don't understand it. And you never will with that attitude
It's just that no one was really smart enough to tell him that until everyone turned into tang.
are we all Tang irl?

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Does Nona have the best feet game?
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>Watch the show
>Pretty good 8/10
>Friend says to watch the first episode again, I will thank him
>Watch the first episode
>Kino feels
>Instant 9/10

Are there other animes out there that in some bizarre fashion convert the first episode into its real last episode? I know Haruhi did it in some odd out of order way, but I mean in a more straightforward way like One Punch Man did.

Still, my mind was blown by how much the experience improved by doing this, more shows should target this level of rewatchability.
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I never did that since I've been following the series since the webcomic first started getting translated, but yeah, they do a lot of good callbacks and theming. I think a lot of "great" shows are good when you can binge or watch them back to back and enjoy the pacing, despite the fact that during their airing it can feel off or slow. In terms of making the first episode great, I can't think of too many anime that do that. TTGL, perhaps?
The thing that makes the first episode so great in my opinion is that you can fit it in anywhere, only Saitama shows up so is really impossible to place it anywhere chronologically, and the topic is something that would follow up after the fight vs Boros, is something everybody should do really, makes you appreciate the character 10 folds.
Fuck off.

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The day /a/ was BTFO.
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Stop reminding me this exists
God damn it I'M SO MAD
Ah the memories. Turned out at the end most were happy as fapmaster ended up with best girl at the end.

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The Sun's Sheets
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>Emma! You useless girl!!

>Selfishly refusing to work

>Goddess Amen, please save me.

>Oh, nice to meet you Mr. Job Offer board

>God is dead
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>I've been a neet for two years...

>Theres no way I can suddenly start working!!
>oh, whats this?

>Drying laundry? For 3 months...
>Look at the pay

>But, it seems kind of scary
>Theres more on the back

>God has come back!!
>As if
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>The world isn't that amaz-
>You're hired

>huh? What about an interview?
>There'll be no need. You begin working tomorrow

>The key will be in the mail box

>Our home is a little dark, even during the day
>Be careful not to trip

>Pardon the intru-

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Just saw this and honestly I can't see what's so bad about it, why the critic hated it?
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It was a horrible adaptation of the actual manga arc in that it cuts out a lot of characters, changes the story drastically just to spoonfeed newcomers on how gantz works at the beginning, and removed a lot of the tension that made the arc good.

As a stand-alone film, it's quite vague in its plot structure, like how the aliens just exist for no reason and only fight back because humans are hunting them. There's also the problem where the character interactions are weak, and the starting and end points of the movie feel random and non-satisfactory.

If should have just straight-up adapt the manga arc or be its own thing, because it's just a messy story that wastes the gorgeous effects and voice talents.
Need more Reika's ass.
Maybe they assumed the audience watched the liveaction films?

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Post characters you want to protect at all costs
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Good night.

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Only those villains who did nothing wrong can enter this thread.
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If Kaneda wasn't such a prick, and if the espers didn't literally mind fuck him, he would of been a good boy.

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What are you watching? Why haven't you started Attack no. 1?
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Still watching Galaxy Express, more 20 episodes to go.
Really love it and I'm curious about the ending. I'm hyped about it but for some reason I'm sure it won't meet my exceptions.
I don't know what to watch next, Gundam Victory or Votoms.
stop making these threads everyday.

I love them, but we don't need em
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Author of "Kino's Journey" is gonna be at Crunchyroll Expo.
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fuck off
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>Crunchyroll Expo
I'm going to ask him what his favorite gun is.

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It's time for Friday Night Osu!, the casual get-together of rhythm game loving anons that's been around for years!

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar.
We usually play 3-6* star songs depending on who shows up. You can download the game for free at https://osu.ppy.sh/
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Getting nostalgic for Eureka Seven, but never bothered with the sequels/related media.

/a/ seems to think AO is terrible, is it even worth bothering with? What about the film?
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What sequel?
I thought Eureka Seven: AO was the spiritual successor/whatever to ES
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I honestly wish I had the retcon cannon so I could erase AO out of existence. What a waste of a superb production design on a brain-damaging plot.

Pocket full of reused animation is not even worth talking about.

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Has there been any truly great anime made in the past decade (2008-now). Anime that will be remembered as classics loved by fans and critics alike? I feel like nothing has come close to the high point in 2007. Pic obviously unrelated.
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Psycho Pass
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>haha i dislike a popular anime look at how cool i am /a/ xd
Psycho pass was a pretty good anime, but do you really think it has the staying power of something like SAC?

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