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Where are my Pirate bros at?
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nowhere, shit was boring except for chiaki and when they (almost) did actual piracy

to top it all off they ended with some anime original shit

soundtrack was pretty good

no fun allowed motherfucker
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>something cool happened for once
>it was a dream
great job real fun anime you got there
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You know the drill. When Akinator asks the gender, answer with the opposite of yours, and then answer that your character is from an anime. Answer the rest of the questions as if you want him to choose yourself and see what you get.

Or make him think of you're waifu, if that's what you want.
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Akinator doesn't know about Kemono Friends apparently
trying to get him to guess Kaban
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Lads wtf?

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Reminder that Naruto and Shippuden began and ended as the match between Akagi and Washizu went on
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Yeah but Akagi is actually worth reading so that makes it okay.
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Subs out for the OVA.

With courtesy from the Love Live Fandom's Main Translators- Team Onibe.
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First for Kasumi is fat.
This show has no presence.
Not if anything to say about it, I have.

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Are you still mad /a/?
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I didn't mind the ending, but I'll pretend to be mad so that Anon doesn't bully me.
Mad in my weeabutt.
Yes. Kamina wouldn't abandon his friends like that.

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After all this time we can all agree she was the best girl in Bleach right?
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nah orihime was wayyy better
>liking lousy shit skins

not even once

everyone with tastes knows the real best girls are futa and stayr centaur
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Remember when manga were all about fun?
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best lovestory ever told hands down
Remember when manga were about being well writt-oh wait....

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Better or worse than Dragonball Evolution?
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First rule of manga to Western film format:

Speed Racer was alright.
Worse. Much worse.

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Fuck NTR.
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nothing good will come from this thread
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I don't even care. I'm fucking pissed.
>reading ntr in the first place

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Hey anon, it's time for the daily dose.
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Serious question: why is this show still so popular on 4chan? It wasn't popular in Japan, it wasn't very popular in the West, and yet it still gets discussed more often than a lot of more popular shows from its season and after.
Fuck off tripfaggot

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>Draw a yaoi
>Make it the best anime of the 90s
Why is this allowed?
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Are you an idiot?
That was rude and baseless
It's not baseless and that's a pretty crass thing to do, bumping your own thread at the last possible moment.

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Why are so many males in love with this kid?
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Are you projecting OP? Kurapika is where it's at. Why would I be in love with a kid?
Because he is cute.

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Holy shit, the nerve of this bitch
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She literally sees him as sub-human
>No context

What's going on?
A homewrecking slut in her natural habitat.

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Yuuki Yuuna.
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Is a hero.
Why is she farting on her hands
>Is a slut


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Which one do you want to fuck? I definitely want to impregnate Chitanda but Ueno would be the best fuck.
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All of them
None of them are my waifu, so none.
Phantom Reina looks disgusting.

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