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Am I the only one that liked this?
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If you mean the anime, then the answer is more than likely "yes".
If you meant the manga, then it was widely-loathed, but I think some people sort of enjoyed hating it, though there seemed to be the odd person who sincerely liked it.
That's on /a/ though.
If you meant on the internet in general, then i'm sure there's some sincere fans of both the manga, and even the anime
It was a fun melodrama up until Haruto and Yuzuki got back together. Everything after that was a drag, though.
No, and anyone who like it are probably retards.

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I truly believe Sasuke is a better character as an adult than he was as a teenager but that still isn't enough to make me think the stuff he did as a teenager wasn't completely retarded
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a teenager doing stuff completely retarded?? mmm 90% of teenagers are like that
Adult Sasuke is my favorite character.

He isn't a edgy faglord anymore, just autistic.
Nah, Adult Sasuke is equally as retarded as his teenage self. For example, not telling Naruto about Boruto's mark or not being a good father to Salad, making her extra suspectible to the Curse of Hatred

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Independence now

/ag/ should happen and you know that
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Get rid of the dragonball trash
No, go post in /trash/ if you want to keep having your generals.

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literally me
wtf why do you happen to look EXACTLY like op's picture and me?
I didn't know I had this many clones.

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This is hot fucking garbage.

Why was this hyped up again? It's literally Chinese SAO, but with worse character design and animation.
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stop making these threads
What threads?

This is the first I've ever made on this topic.
I wish it was like sao desu. This has no plot whatsoever and characters are even more bland

The art director for this needs to be fired. The characters look like shit.
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Why does she have hair poking out of her ears?
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It should be sticking out form over her ear.
i agree op

best girl
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That's a boy though.
That's rem dude
B-Bro *snorts* lmao. (haha) that's a DUDE. lol XD!

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What went wrong?
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Absolutely nothing, considering his parents he grew up to be a great success.
Chi Chi.
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He grew up

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>Never kissied his wife
>Didn't know about the birth of Gohan and Goten
>Sent Gohan to almost certain death back in the cell saga
>doomed the whole planet by not killing Buu in SSJ3
>Doomed almost every fucking universe
>Doomed the planet again by not killing Frieza if Whis didn't save the day

What the fuck is wrong with him
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If only he had more RUBBER NEN
It's very funny raffs

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ITT: Describe an anime/manga with a Spongebob quote.
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>am I a pretty girl?
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>Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly
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Name one anime that is more hated than pic related.
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elfen lied
Sword Art Online
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THE most hated mecha anime ever

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Who here is hoping that Goku black is going to be revealed as still being part of the Tournament of Power? The whole thing with erasing the mortals seems just like up his alley.
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I'm hoping Bardock will appear
He was erased already.
desu future Zeno looks sketchy as hell and it wouldnt surprise me one bit if it turns out Immortal Zamasu had took over his mind.

All his "games" involve killing planets full of mortals.

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Hey. Dumping a 1998 anthology that got an e-book last year. Some of these stories might've been reprinted/translated elsewhere, haven't checked.
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Why don't they just make better tanks?
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How do you infiltrate a Hive with a tank ?
Destroyer class would wreck them.
Helicopters on the other hand.
Tanks are for girls.

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Ney Keyman chapter fucking when?
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Never heard of it and only thing I know about it is your image OP. Should I read it? I like the gritty look
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You tell me

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