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My God that ended sun fact was perfect
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I don't think Charon is going to last long before his mech get gangbang to death.
>Sun fact
*Fucking autocorrect. I meant soundtrack
Well he has Altair there too so the odds are still by far stacked against the "good guys".

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New episode in 30 minutes.
What are you expecting this time?
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Also Jiji is not evil.
spotlight shifts back to second unit and yagen legs
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>12k beats
>8 days left
At least the event gives insane exp

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What do you guys think of Ken Akamatsu's latest work, personally I think it started off kind of eh but has been building back up to being as good as MSN was during the Magic World Arc, I'm hoping it gets it's chance to finish and tie up both itself and the story of MSN
Kirie and Chisame are best, Akamatsu knows what he's doing
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It's been pretty fun, except the literal year long drought of harem and nothing else. I'm enjoying the Negima flashbacks, but I want to see Fate do some crazy shit. I'm glad Ala Alba is about to do a large scale battle, though.
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ova soon
The harem shit did get a little old not gonna lie
But it seems to be moving in a direction of actually choosing a girl which is highly unusual

Be honest. How many of you realized that Penguindrum has an all around happy ending, and that Ringo is going to get some /ss/ action with little Shouma?
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Did it now? Wasn't it neutral?
How retarded would you have to be to not realise it was a happy ending?
See >>161312646

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This is a page, not a panel.
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Nice to see the Chi-chans are back. Other half is about some occult club.
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But it's not airing today.
Sasassul's belly button requires closer examination.
Why does she have one if she was hatched from an egg?

New episode airs today, live watch is soon. Settle in and get ready.
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>tfw shit internet
I'll just wait for the raws
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Predict the amount of screentime Mikugear will get.

She won't even appear

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I cried. What's the point of watching anime when you know that no show will ever match the Monogatari series?
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>and they lived happily ever after
fuck you shaft.
Hanekawa = G O D
>comes out once a year
>will never end
Monogatari really is the annular fusion of anime

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Why is OP better than most other shonen?
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I don't even know you, op.
OP is a faggot
now is really bored

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Should the word "idiot" be filtered to Yuuko? And maybe "retard" to Osaka.
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Should the word "faggot" be filtered to OP?
Only if "slut" gets filtered to "your waifu".
Bullying is not tolerated on this board.

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Is there a better unintentional comedy?
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The idea of the MC being both in the isekai and our world at the same time was interesting.
There's that chase scene in Polyphonica

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What are some things that you want to see more in anime? For me it's monster girls.
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Modern stories that take place outside of Japan.
monster girls being euthanized or violently killed
Snake girls. You have no idea how much I lust for snake girls.

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Is Fate/Zero an amazing show that started an era of anime renaissance?
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Sure, why not
i dont know anon, i think it's just very good
Simple answer.

[Spoiler]No [/spoiler]

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PLEASE someone explain to me wtf these do.
There's 3 eyes
1. sharingan copies shit
2. byakugan sees chakra flow
3. rinnegan ???
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Lurk before posting, faggot.
What is it, pause time I think?
Please get accustomed to new rules.
>>161301962, next to last, google exists for a reason besides datamining


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Is Dr.Stone the best new series that SJ has to offer in these past 10 years?
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you could argue about "the best" but its up in the top 5 for sure.
The art is great sure, but I don't care about the characters or the plot beyond the basic concept, and the dialogue is terrible.
Not even close. It feels like the serious is on autopilot so there's no point in getting invested in anything and wile the art is technically sound the character designs are awful.

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