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Can't fucking wait to hear that voice again.
Satsuki Yukino was in plenty of stuff and her voice isn't very different from role to role. Otae basically sounds the same as Chidori.
I'm more of a Tessa man, but a chidori is fine too.

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I want one of these in real life. How long until technology catches up?
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You know you can't have sex with it due to the weight, right?
>robots need to be made of steel
>anons can't be on top
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>You know you can't have sex with it due to the weight
That didn't stop your father

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>Pure girl
>Gets hijacked by a slut deity who is into bestiality

For what purpose?
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>slut into bestiality
so nothing changes?
Because it turns out Rin isn't all that pure if Ishtar could use her as a host.

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>Orphan nobody who rises up against the odds and becomes a hero and saves the day

>LOL nah, hes the reincarnation of ninja Jesus with a prophecy and also his dad was one of the greatest Ninja who ever lived.

I guess Neji was right and your fate is pre determined
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Who his father was doesn't change the fact that he was hated by the village, made fun of by the other students and still almost poor
He is the reincarnation of Asura or some shit. He was destined for greatness. Neji was right. Your points are invalid

doesn't that reinforce OPs point?

against impossible odds, but nope, fated destiny.

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Uncertain thread.
(un)lucky 7's???

When was the last time an anime show legitimately made you laugh? I got into anime because of Gintama and loved comedy since, but I haven't found any show that's actually funny for a long time.

Best thing I can think of is Konosuba but it feels like comedy genre gets more stale every year.
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Aho Girl, earlier today.
there was only ever nichijou
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Last week... watching Gintama , again.

Tried watching Seto No Hanayome, Excel Saga or Pani Poni Dash yet?

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I like this but its pretty long, which episodes can I skip from the last 20 if I just want the main plot points?
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Watch it all, dipshit.
But its so long, I haven't watched an anime logner than 26 episodes in a long time
Why are you watching anime at all if you don't have spare time?

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ITT: shitty characters who ruin their series
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You're pretty hilarious, OP.

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CH1 - 16: http://puremashiro.moe/reader/series/parallel-paradise-eng/

CH17 (Dirty Typeset): http://imgur.com/a/4U12L

CH18 (RAW): http://imgur.com/a/kjvzm

CH3 new pages (RAW): http://imgur.com/a/wKXHE

Special CH (RAW): http://imgur.com/a/BWtoU
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This is starting to read like a really dirty doujinshi at this point.

19 this week?

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>"gomenesai onii-chan, but that kid from school sade it'd be fun! b-besides I kinda liked him anyways, and he looked cute"
What do next?
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get arrested for killing my anime girlfriend

Go ask /a/
why are you showing me this?

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Today, making a thread on the road. At least this bus has wifi and my laptop had batteries
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Intelligent dog

[sign] press button at night

"So he can understand traffic lights (small) How smart"
"True enough"

"And he's actuallystopping at the white lines"

"He found out we're going to the vet"
The way to the vet
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Comic 1
Soul Friend

Their pets looked like they were suffering from the heat, so they went to the veterinarian.

This is one nice vet you introduced me to.
[side] It's after he had his vaccines though...

"I got a pet friend now, so it's the least I could do"

Bed friend
"Looks like you thought of something weird there"

Comic 2
Taking offense

Irie-sensei, the veterinarian
"You seem pretty well today."

"Sensei, you can tell how my pet is feeling?"
"Animals show how they feel through their behavior"

"Like if they're acting cold and distant, they're envious"
"Whoa, tell me some more"

"Tsuda-kun, Irie-sensei, you look like you're having a fun talk"
"Hagimura is acting cold and keeping things neutral, but I'm sure this has nothing to do with envy"
Comic 1

"Don't be afraid"

"Look, here's a ball"
*A way to relax at the vet

"Is that Boa-kun's toy?"

"This was my mom's before"
"It's a weirdly shaped ball"
"A Ben Wa ball..."

Comic 2
Wet clothes

"It must be hard to come all the way here in this heat"
"Yeah I guess"

"This feeling of sweat on my clothes is gross..."


"Aaaghh he peed!!"
Oh dear

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Anime where you self-inserted as the MC
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I don't understand how this works because I'm a male, do you have to be transgender or something to self-insert as a female in an anime? I don't get how self-inserting as a girl when you're a guy makes sense, unless you are gay or effeminate in general.
everyone on /a/ is a little girl, though???

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woop woop?
If you're around, TL anon, feel free to proofread.
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And if this dude wants to reveal his 1600H source, that'd be neat.
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Oh, I missed part of the screentone on page 1. Fixing.

Is this possible?
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Repeating an 'epic thread' is a sign of newfaggotry
No. Hair doesn't work like that.

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Is it incest if Araragi fuggs Ougi?
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no, it's not human
No, masturbation.

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