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ITT Overrated OSTs

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every action show ever; everybody loves them and they're all the exact same
You forgot SoL as well
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>libera me from hell
but i agree with Blumenkranz
it sounds like shit if you can actually understand german

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what's your favourite anime and why?

Gurren Lagann made me love anime again after not watching or caring about it for 10 or so years
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is this the new meme summer fags are trying to push?

gurren lagann is shit. visually its great but the overall story is garbage and the main character is trash who isnt worth anything. simon is a bland character with no personality and doesnt move the story at all, he just reacts to things around him and whats worse is they kill of kamina just to make simon a bootleg version of him. why kill off the red oni just to turn the blue oni into a purple one? and a shitty one at that?

this anime is subpar and a blantant rip off of gunbuster.
>kill of kamina just to make simon a bootleg version of him
Someone missed the whole point of the show
is this autism?

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Nothing wrong with adding a bit of spice in environment that's too friendly anyway. A bit of competition will wake people up and that will make for better games in the end. Whether you like it or not, Momo was the best addition to the cast. BEST GIRL.
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I thought I was going to hate Momo from the way anons described her, but she's not too bad. When you compare Hifumi and Momo, you can tell that Momo is the genuine autist. Hifumi's social anxiety doesn't give her brain problems.
I want to rape Momo's TITS.
Momo is fine.

Nene is the actual trash, and has been since day 1.

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Why are Gintama fans so mad about having a show that doesn't have "Gintama" on the title being on the Top 10?
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I would like to see adjusted mal top 10 with the 0-1 scores filtered out.
>top 10
Get out of here.
Better question is why Monogatari fans think that this shit justifies a 10/10 rating.

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This Week, SEAsians are still mad about no Aqours 2nd Live LV or DV.
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I feel like I'm being harassed.
Anyone else?
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Rem this, Rem that. What about Ram? She's really cute and smart, she's also really good peeling potatoes.
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Ram has attitude, I like Ram more.
Literally irrelevant

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>opening song by nano.RIPE
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>he doesn't like ear.RAPE
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>opening song by Akira Kushida
>opening song by Fear and Loathing in Autotune

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So he's straight up gay for Gon, isn't he?
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There's nothing straight about it
yes, next question
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phoneposting faggot beat me to it

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She just wanted to play some geimu~
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So what?
Danganronpa got it's own Megumin now with Himiko.
Unironically seeing she is basically a rip off.
Yumeno is a better girl than Megumeme, though.
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You lads need some Kirigiri in your life.

ITT poptepipic jokes that no one understands
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What does it mean ?
USA -> usagi -> rabbit

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Is this genre finally fucking dead?
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>Eomanga Sensei S2
>inevitable Akiha route anime once the Tsuki remake hits
It's a fetish.
Incest is a way of life

I don't like trains anymore
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The designs of his movies are really fucking similar, is he creating a new style?
I really didn't liked it. The first part was boring, the second part was quite of pointless. I really like the ending tho, but I just can't buy the whole plot.

I really can't believe that the guy couldn't move on from his middle school girlfriend, even when he's in his 30's, while she moved on as time went on.
Was he really in his 30's. I got the impression he was early 20's.

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Did the "surprise" actually fool anyone?
I admit for like the first 5 episodes I was pissed that harutora was a supporting character in his own show until I realized where it was headed
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I still don't understand how they genuinely thought she was a girl despite her appearance and voice.
I think somewhere down the line it mentions that both her and harutora had curses put on them
Hers made her look masculine to other people and his hid his powers

Plus there was the thing a few episodes in where she walked around without her shirt on and used some illusion magic to give herself a flat chest
That was easy. She used sort of low level camouflage spell

Translation for KuMeYu 3 out.
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This chapter needed some piss.
Karin wasn't good enough to make Suzume wet herself, that'll only happen when Mebu is near.
I'm sure Yumiko's chapter will be 30 pages of the most splendid watersports in the history of Shikoku ~desuwa.

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Why is Gendo so hard on Shinji?
He seems unnecessarily cruel
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Because muh Yui.
He wanted a daughter. That's why he created Rei Ayanami, she was some sort of a weird daughter/wife combo.
so how many Rei's did he sex with?

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