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princess principal's the best anime this year
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You'll have to settle for second.
Remember Kemono Friends aired this year.
Maybe if it had a plot it would be.
It's good, but not that good.

Will KyoAni ever make a main character as good as Kumiko again?
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Give it time.
Kumiko has a boyfriend, you dyke
Asuka is a girl.

Wow, this shit is hard to watch and there's like 20 something more episodes.
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It gets better. But thats just what i think.
Hits too close to home?

It gets more depressing and melancholic the closer to the end

Anime has the good ending for Satou though

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Who else miss the edgelord look 8man had in season 1? He looks a generic handsome harem lead in season 2
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The thing is, S1 8man often looks straight up evil, not someone who wants to change. Those psychotic smirks don't help

S2 8man genuinely is more a reflection of who he really is, a somewhat good looking but loner guy who wants to change and have real friends, not someone who writes Coldsteel the Hedgeheg fanfics on Deviantart.
I don't.

What this guy said: >>161674506
The thing I like about the S2 look is how it makes his eyes stand out more, and considering how they talk about it from time to time I'd say the look is more appropriate.

Madhouse released an original anime film in theatres called Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai on Friday. I don't think I have even seen anyone mention it. Was it a total flop or something?


Apparently all the voice actresses for the main girls were rookies with no previous experience selected from auditions of over 3000 participants.
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They didn't exactly have anybody well known on the staff either.

Director: Naoyuki Ito (Digimon Data Squad, Overlord)
Script: Ishakwa Manabu (Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta)
Character Design: Toshinao Aoki
The review score on Yahoo! Movies JP is currently extremely positive though 4.07/5.

It's not a big hit since it didn't rank in top 10 box office but it should make some profit after all's said and done.

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Do you like big girls?

Nee-san just lost all hope of fucking her brother.
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What's the appeal of shameless manga like this?
Considering the other girls literally gave her every chance to fuck her brother, I don't even care anymore. And its not like the other girls are gonna stop fucking him either so it makes this meaningless gesture even more meaningless.
Oh boy so we're getting another fucking Kono Oneesan wa Fiction ending?

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Why didn't Memetobe seal the deal and kill Musashi? he could have saved us from this eternal hell.
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Musashi has a gun.
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How many /a/ related Musashis are there?
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>western style restaurant
>none of the food so far have been western
>they are all asian food
>no hamburger, hotdog, pizza, etc.
Western my ass.
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that semen demon should be fed a proper hotdog.
People still watch this boring shit? I literally fell asleep watching the first episode.
Well the west in Isekai is the Japan expy.

Prove me wrong /a/, i will wait
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Rei and Asuka should both be down in C and Mari should be up in S.
Maya is S tier, so I'll ignore all the other wrong opinions of your chart
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But all Zeppeli deaths were nice.
Pic not related right?
He got killed almost every important character
You mean mangaka who don't know how to write.

Also how much money does Araki make from trash like Jojo?

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Why can't Akko ever ride a broom? Why is she such a useless witch?
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Shiny Chariot drained the magic away from everyone in the crowd to make her performances more spectacular. Akko is permanently damage.
so akko will never become a witch?
She was "permanently damaged" way before the show, though.

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>muh dick
>warms the heart
What are some other buzzwords /a/ uses to describe objectively shit anime?
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Character development
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>literally did everything wrong.
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that aryan genes though
>stealthy ninja
>walks in forests with a large blonde afro just so everyone can see him from 2km away.
>supposedly the fastest ninja
>is always late when it matters most.

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How does it feel Kyoanus is just making an imitation of this but with shittier art and animation?

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Ah, I miss when anime didn't need 50,000 layers of filters and artificial lighting.
Is this a 4chan reference?
It's over, KyoAni is finished.

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Breasts Rubbing.webm
2MB, 1920x1080px
Does this excite you /a/?
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No. I need to see nipple.
yes, it does

It does, but not as much as the thought of all those girls just casually going to school topless.

Casual nudity is the best fetish.

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