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Do any of you read the manga Puritan? Apparently the same publisher just announced a contest for a Christian LN
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>Kirishin, Japan's oldest Christian publishing company, will launch what it is calling the "world's first christian light novel" via its newly planned label. The company is holding a contest to find the right book to become its inaugural Christian light novel series.
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I can't imagine it going well, either it's allegory and japs can't do metaphor past a superficial level or it's just a regular story with christian flare which secular nips do anyways
In fact I don't like most christian fiction, especially modern stuff, I prefer straight faced theology books
An SoL about a Christian girl would cute and fun. And Narnia practically invented isekai, so that's not really out of the question either. It could turn out alright

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>CG shit
not anime
>Godzilla anime

>Gen Urobuchi

Looks awful, like all Polygon Pictures anime have been.

OP or ED has a character lip sync to the lyrics


You can't make it more perfect.
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shitty anime I was memed into watching, but that OP was nice. Kappa Mikey's was better though.


Just finished this one. I was extremely impressed by the characterization during the first half of the series. I found it really well done the way every dialogue and action taught me something about a character and how every expository information was well implemented into the progression of the story without it being obviously only for the sake of the viewer. It definitely should've been longer, though. The world could've been expanded more and I feel like the protagonists themselves should've been more explored, but it still was a really enjoyable watch. What did /a/ think about it?
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>What did /a/ think about it?
Hamdo was right
This. lapis needed to stop being a cunt and share her water
Get off the internet, Hamdo. Don't you have some villages to blow up?

Would you take advantage of a retard?
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Pretty sure that would be considered rape. Also Raimu-senpai is the best.
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Hane Bike Wash.webm
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To this day I still can't believe I reviewed this show.

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Takeuchi just prepared his own poster for the movie.

Thread theme:

Final CM:
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camp rips?
It's as I said before. No matter what path he chooses, no matter what world he resides in, even if he's being dragged through the mud, crawling forward in the most pathetic manner possible, in the end, Emiya Shirou's existence, his very way of life, is beautiful. He is truly Nasu Kinoko's masterpiece.
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I-is it normal to outgrow tsunderes, /a/?
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Yes, especially if they're abusive toward the MC. Gotta lock all those abusers up.
I'm not ready to let go yet! I've been madly in love w/ her for over 2 years.
The reset rule is annoying.
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No. You are not living your life correctly.

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>Character's name is Midori
>They have green hair
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Who are you quoting?
Im not familiar with this trope
new thread >>>/sp/77904595

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Zomi really knows how to climb a man.
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I want Nozomi, Sora and/or Kurumi to climb onto my penis.
also imouto
Kurumi is the imouto, anon.

Fangs are the mark of the best girl.
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Fangs are only acceptable on vampires otherwise it's a sign of a girl being the worst.
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No way
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What are you looking at, anon?
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Not you
is she a virgin

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~tu tu ruuu
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What makes Himouto Umaru-chan stand out as the most deep and intellectual anime of the last 50 years?
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cuz that shits kawaii nibba
It's time. Post Umaru bullies.

so I just read chapter 252 and was wondering when is this ending?
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It's over anon. Last chapter is 264.
thanks anon
i guess manga panda is shit
You can find it on kissmanga.

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These are the sexiest idols.
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I want to kiss Koume.
Only by being in the presence of Koume, and even then the shitty kong nearly negates it.
you are objectively wrong

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