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Oneechan or imouto, /a/?
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Dunno man, she might be like pic related
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Nee-san are almost always better.
Onee-san > Imouto, but you there are multiple variables such as the ages of brother and sister that must be taken into account.

Characters who did nothing wrong
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you're missing something

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Reminder to sage and report garbage threads.

So Junji Ito has an anime series in the works, adapting several of his stories into a anthology type show
Excited? Which of them would you like to see adapted?
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all of them
I am scared but at the same time interested
that manga about his cats

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>In her late 20s
>still aspires to be an idol
>lives with an angry shouting mom
>works as a cleaning lady in the same building as her more successful friends
>Also works in a maid cafe
>gets bullied online when she tries to livestream
>has no luck with dating, but her friends get picked up easily

Kaeru had a hard life
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I want to marry this frog
>Even her frog is upset
This upsets me.

I had forgotten about this frog

This was neither good nor bad, but somewhere in between. Agreed?
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I wanna fuck the twintails trap.
Which one?
It looks like a nice piece of shit.

What does it offer?

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What's so good about this show? Why does it get so much praise?

I'm 7 episodes in and it's not particularly interesting, confusing to what the hell is going if anything. I'm going to drop it, but I'm just wondering why do people like it so much?
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It's a slow burner of a show. It takes time to get going properly but once it does it's an unforgettable ride.

Just give it time and see for yourself. Don't be an impatient fuck about it.
Brainlet detected.
The best things about the show are the OST and the worldbuilding. I agree the plot isn't actually that interesting.

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What kind of mother would you're waifu be?
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Why is this allowed?
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Because sushi good, you no get sick.
He was so good at making sushi that he was able to afford the trip from Russia
best boy

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What's wrong with this boy? Why is he always so angry? Is it because he's trying to compensate for his girly looks?
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That is my obscure wife.
Your wife is hot.

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Is this the correct way to teach your kidnapped loli to cook?
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friendzoned loli.jpg
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Not if your loli gets wooed away
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Why would you let your kidnapped loli go outside?
I'm glad the author eventually realized that he needed a sane character (in the form of her one friend) to contrast between everyone else, took him a while but he got there. I was worried everyone was gonna be a freak.

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Will Toei lead the way for CG productions?

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>That singer is still alive
Hopefully they lead CG productions off a cliff
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He's in great shape.

Why are Nips so bad at chess? She makes it seem like calling check is a big deal, but all she's done is trade a queen for a rook and allow for a bishop exchange.
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inb4 code geass chess
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Check the catalog next time
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It wasn't THAT bad.
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It was entertaining at least

honestly it wasn't total shit until all the characters started losing their shit, then the garbage writing became very clear
nigga L stole the show

every scene with him was 10/10. The rest was boring tho
>combining a mediocre anime with Netflix American thriller garbage
It didn't stand a chance, it was always going to be bad.

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