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Best girl from their respective series
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I'm pretty sure that is just a floating diamond shaped object in a schoolgirl uniform.
Your point being?
Well, I'm pretty sure that you are just a fucking faggot.

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New thread. New Rurouni Kenshin manga to premiere next week in Jump SQ.

Spoilers for the first chapter are out:

Previous Thread: >>161680931

>Viz's Shonen Jump to Serialize Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga
>1st chapter to run simultaneously with Japan next Monday
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timg (1).jpg
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Worst girl from their respective series
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You first OP.
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What a surprise, this Yukino clone is also the worst girl.

I find that I pretty much always watch at least two episodes back to back. It's hard to imagine someone who would only watch one episode and then not feel like watching any more.

Is there some issue with Japanese people that they can't watch a longer episode, or is this just an artifact of old formats?

Pic related, if I watch two episodes before bed, the next day is always a good day.
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>Is there some issue with Japanese people that they can't watch a longer episode...
Budget restraints. This is not Game of Thrones were they get a quadrillion dollars to use as they wish.
Most dramas in the US are 45 minutes to an hour depending on when they air but comedies are still usually about 22 minutes for a 30 minute time slot. Animated shows too (which are usually comedies in the US). I don't know anything about Japanese TV but there might be similar reasons for these.
Try watching Mayoiga or Glasslips one or two episode. Tell me if the series is too short.

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Can catch multiple bullets after years of neglecting to train.
CAN'T catch a single earring after being trained by gods and having all of his dormant power drawn out by a godly ritual.
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That was the only time Gohan has ever looked cool.
And then the Great Saiyaman came along...
The Buu saga had some neat ideas but was a clusterfuck of dumb shit happening.

Is digimon Tri overrated or is it really the pinnacle of the Digimon franchise?
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It's shit
I'm pretty sure most people acknowledge that it's shit.
There are people who like it?

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Ueno is the best Yamato's country has to offer in terms of beauty.
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They're alll the same shit.
They're not, because
Tamako > the rest
Too bad nobody gives a shit about her.

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So is this really good?
I noticed that it's been ranking high on amazon for quite some time
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It's unironically the greatest anime since Flip Flappers.
Watch and find out.

Wow man death note movie sucked really hard
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I am so FURIOUS that netflix DEFILED my cult classic anime. I've moved onto other, better wrote animes, but I have to say, I always loved Death Note for it's intricacy and attention to power and mind games. Not only did the movie "suck really hard", they completely destroyed any semblance of the anime. The only things they retained were the character names, and a general concept. EVEN THEN, they cut many very valuable characters that added depth and detail. They changed the rules of the death note. Seriously, it's not that hard to keep the rules of a damn book. Ugh. 10/10, worst remake of anything I've ever watched and or read, EVER.
Oh come on, it couldn't be that bad relatively. This is a joke where I imply the original was so bad that it's impossible to be significantly worse.
Cease and desist your post at once, we're trying to shill Netflix's DN with multiple threads to get eyeballs and you make our job difficult.

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Has everyone forgotten the boatsluts?
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I got bored of its horrible (even for nip RNG based shit) gameplay a long ago.
Now I have dozens highly (though I'm sure dated by now) geared lvl 99 ships, enough of each type, and a lvl 150 Ryuujou who will never see me again.
the fuck?

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Brown or brown? Make your choice.
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Minotaur approve.
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Both, but the minotaur gets to go first.

i hate kaiji
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Season 2 soon, right?
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I don't think there's enough material for another season
I wouldn't be able to handle that ending in animated form. The last episode of the anime really teared me up. I don't even know why. I can handle violence and gore, but emotional stuff is my weakness.
Never ever.
I think we're overdue for a random anon appearing saying he's going to translate the LNs, only to disappear forever again though.

/a/ rhymes with Rei
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Rhymes with gay, too.
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whoa, I haven't been for a while, who the fuck knocked some sense back into the mods?
also Ritsuko>Misato>Rei>Asuka

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If I know Oshimi Shuzo this bitch is getting a dick and a half.
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That dick is only for mommy.
I can see her becoming either an innocent victim or another potential psycho in the cast.
I wish this manga got more attention

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