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What do you plan to watch next season?
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This guy has the right idea.
Maybe some trainwrecks that are fun to watch with /a/, but otherwise I'm going to work on my backlog and watch the season when it's finished.

How is this even possible?
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She got taller and skinnier
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They literally got smaller. Hot damn. She's too good to be a waifu, I want to be her holy protector.
I want to rest in the Sayaka plains forever.

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It's August.
This is the last time I'll let /a/ convince me into watching anime. This shit is on a shoe-string budget that makes one piece filler seem like a delight

post not-so-fresh reaction images
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Just finished watching this one for the first time and why the fuck isnt this anime more talked about and celebrated? Its fucking aces and ive never heard anybody I know even mention it. What the hell is going on /a/? Am I going insane?
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We don't discuss good shows, only seasonal shit
It was. You're late. It's all good.
people went raving mad for this when it aired
how about you dont be a newfag?

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What did I just watch?
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I'm gay
Why is the cast so god tier? Particularly Utena, Anthy, Akio, and Nanami.

How can super get everything so wrong?

Leave him dead for an episode at least
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toriyama is senile and no one else cares

I dont even fear anyone dying at all anymore.

"Oh noes, everyone was erased? I'd bet every dollar I have the end wish is to bring everyone back or some other nonsense so nothing of consequence actually happened."

Seriously, the fights aren't even good, the story is terrible, literally everyone has plot armor and no one is capable of having any change from the status quo anymore.

Remember Videl getting her ass beat by that spopo-asshole? Yea, we'll never get that brutality ever again.
>Piccolo gets killed by Frieza
>revived offscreen without any fanfare because nobody even cares anymore
Yeah, whoever is left at the end (Goku and ONLY Goku, because fuck everyone else) will almost certainly use the wish from the Super Dragon Balls to undo fucking everything. No stakes at all.

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why is she shit. she could have been great but they made her worthy of no respect.
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>they made her worthy of no respect.
Every masochist in this planet have their utmost respect to her. She is their goddess.
what? as a masochist myself I hate her. she is a submissive and that ruins it since she could have been a great dom girl
Deen's animation ruined her.
Her face looks like a slack bag of oatmeal.

Bring back S1 animation

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Why didn't Rem just beat the shit out of him till he died?

It has been shown that the Shinigami can interact with real world objects. There's no way he can hurt her, and it seems the only way to kill a Shinigami is if they write the name in the book trying to protect a human. Seems foolproof to me. Just beat up Light to the point where he is extremely injured, along with Masuda and his dad, and make it seem like the Shinigami went batshit insane.
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Near didn't ruin Death Note.
Mello didn't ruin Death Note.
Misa didn't ruin Death Note.
Higuchi didn't ruin Death Note.

Rem ruined Death Note. Literally the shittiest character ever made. She makes Sasuke Uchiha seem great.
Because it had to be like Kira killed L.
Killing humans through not-notebook means is the most habeeb thing a Shinigami could do and is punished by years of everlasting torment and eventually death. So, not very smart.

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Your feelings regarding Shiburin?
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I want to be like her.
She's really lucky to have such a cute girlfriend.
I want to give her the key from my chastity belt.

Currently watching "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru" and I couldn't help but notice the mc blushing when he was approached by a cute boy, even though he claims to be straight!

Can anyone explain this?
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It's not gay if it's Saika.
this is the truth
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Cute boy thread?

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Hisaishi Kanade (Euphonium) - Clingy type, soft and fluffy, loves gathering information, love taking selfies and loves her senpai (Kumiko!)
Suzuki Mirei (Tuba) - Tall, tomboyish, and serious type, loves seinen manga and going to karaoke, hates herself
Suzuki Satsuki (Tuba) - Jolly and energetic type, loves dogs and loves looking up interesting things, hates cup ramen and loves her mom's curry rice
Kohinata Yume (Trumpet) - Reserved and shy type, loves writing poems, has weakness towards cute stationary items and cherishes her trumpet
Kenzaki Ririka (Oboe) - Loves to tease others and good at making friends, however, secretive when it comes to matters concerning herself
Tsukinaga Motomu (Contrabass) - Serious type, hates being called cute (since he is a boy), fond of his elder sister, hates his grandfather, keen about astronomy and celestial observation
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Who gives a fuck, seriously

Call me when KyoAni turns it into anime.
Any chance of an adaptation?
>hates herself
Now, this is my kind of girl.

Are high end displays necessary for anime? or you are good with a mid range TV?
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for most anime a phone or tablet is enough for me.

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>lucoa bodyswaps with shouta so he can stop being afraid of her body
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I see that before
I have the weirdest boner about Shouta with Lucoa's body.....

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jinsei sway.gif
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What's the idea lower clothes for the lower half of girls?
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ZR in the streets, Bare legs in the sheets.
ZR>bare legs>tights>spats
ZR of course

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