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10.28 road show

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They will be back.
You mean Yama no musume.
Susume means advice.
No, it's actually Susume, ヤマノススメ, as you can see in the OP image.

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Why are JCs/middle schoolers always the most attractive characters?
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That's debateable anon.
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I like elementary school girls more, concentrated cuteness and all that, but a first year middle schooler is really cute as well.

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Holy shit Naruto, what are you doing?
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Looks like he's running.
That's how you know he's actually running seriously.

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What kind of misunderstanding will make mommy kill the tomboy?
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>mom gonna blueball the girl
>mom gonna say she wants to meet her again
>20 pages of mom glancing menacingly when it happens
The tomboy came there to get some dick.
MC gonna break down crying for a while before relenting to give her the dick but mom returns.Still though, I wonder if he was absent from the school since she came by to see him.

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So I got memed into watching this and I thought it was trash

Mindnumbingly boring. Was this supposed to be intellectual or something?

Seriously I don't understand the appeal at all and I mainly watch/read SOL

Explain please
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>tfw a CGI animal girl show is too deep for you
You have my condolences.
inb4 generalfags tell you to fuck off
it´s okay anon, not everybody is meant for friends

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Was this good world-building or a stupid asspull?
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Not sure if its good but its world building and not a stupid asspull for sure.
Most of the time, the real world provide plenty of space and trying to expand on that results in boring one-characteristic places à la Star Wars (desert planet, jungle planet, city planet, garden planet, ice planet...).
I haven't read any new chapters in years so I don't know where Togashi is going with the dark continent, but I doubt all the extra space was really needed.


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That's some SHAFT tier animation.
I don't care the song is great. It gives you big rush of energy.

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who the fuck is tanoshi?

why does anyone remember side character names?

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann thread

Just watched this. It was fucking beautiful and I was on the verge of tears almost every fucking climax moment because of how upbeat, optimistic and overall badass is.

I loved it from start to end.

Also Nia best girl forever
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Should have mentioned it also cured my depression holy shit
Great blog OP, where do I subscribe?
I can agree with that.

I watched it immediately after finishing NGE.

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So, what happened? There hasn't been a scanlated chapter for a month. Before that, they were coming out rather often. Is it dropped or are scanlators just busy?
Dumping the special chapter from Jump Giga.
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Is he a better writer than Nasu, Sakurai, and Higashitde?
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Yes, fate/strange fake is great.
His writing style is suitable for battle royale like Holy grail war
No, too much meandering
I like his work on the newer bleach novels.
So he's alright with me.

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I wish the 12th would've gotten more action than he did, he sure had style
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Do you think he and 3rd get married after 3rd gets out of prison?
As the 12th visits the 3rd every week, the 3rd slowly fell in love with him as he was the only person who cared about him
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At first I thought this was referencing Ginyu Force, but it seems it was more of a reference of Japanese superhero shows

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>MC has a power in him that he can't control
>Villain becomes rival/friend
>hot springs and beach episodes
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>MC gets beaten down
>friend/family gets hurt or dies
>powers up
>OP gets snuck up from behind and beaten up mid thread

oh wait that's reality
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>loli character
>is the sexiest in the series

Not even a lolicon

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>17 years old
>looks like a little girl

This is the worst trope ever.
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me, you, hell everyone. we're all tropes! haha! troooooooooopes!
Years of malnourishment from NEETdom might explain it

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So how are we dealing with this fallout?
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Kowaii has shit tastes.
You have shit taste.
But Daddy is pure

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