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How does this make you feel?
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A slight tingling sensation in my genital area
Kind of disgusted honestly. Feet are gross.
Disgusted at streaming fags.

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Would you do Mizuki, /a/?
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not gay
no, also, did this ever go anywhere? i got bored and dropped it at chapter 70
Yes, all day every day

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>The series will take place in the 2020s, when self-driving cars are ubiquitous in Japan. The series will feature a genius driver who goes back to Japan after graduating top of his class at a racing school in England.

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Deja vu
So we're running in the 20's already?

is this snake supposed to be a joke?
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Get fucked you racist.

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Why does anime make some foods like ramen so appealing? I've had ramen before and i'm not a big fan of it since it has alot of fat in the broth and the meat is also very fatty.
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Different places use different recipes anon.
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Anime makes everything look better, even women.

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I am in ep 5, when does something happen?
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Episode 6 is where the plot picks up. In all honesty though, if you aren't interested by now I doubt you'll like the rest of it.
if you're looking for action I suggest another animu
First half is SoL, second half is drama.
It's really not for everyone

What are you wanting out of the new Senran anime? Other than Yumi.
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More Senran? AWW YIS

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ITT: The canon strongest character of their respective series.

Hard Mode: It's not MC
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No, he isn't the strongest character of Gintama. He got rekt by Utsuro until he used that Altana bomb and his wife, who was powered by Altana like Utsuro and a Yato to boot, was leagues ahead of him.

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What's your favorite signature physical feature, weapon, or accessory /a/? Snaggle tooth?

Mine is the eyepatch. All characters are better with an eyepatch.
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Even chuunis? 'Cause chuuniism is lame. Tough to see how an eyepatch would help fix that.
Right you are
elf ears

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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It's hot.
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the fuck am I watching
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Sweet upper-class girls learning how to be white trash, of course.
>today's lesson: muh guns
you should have dropped this shit already
An isekai making use of the fact it's an isekai.

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If possible make two adaptations, one mixing Ciel and Arc and another mixing Hisui, Kohaku and Akiha.
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Season 1 for Ciel and Arcueid route
Season 2 for Hisui, Akiha and Best girl route

No mixing other than intro stuff and some parts of Arc and Ciel.

I would also make Kirei show up and beat Arcueid up.
>Kirei show up and beat Arcueid up
If by "beat Arcueid up" you mean "feed her Mapo Tofu and watch as the world's strongest vampire runs away to her boyfriend with tears in her eyes" then yes, it certainly needs to happen.
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i would just do a Ufotable and do all the routes in high quality animation with sex scenes in tact.

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>no one cares about the best type moon property because it's not harem waifu shit
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So, people care only about Extella?
That's not even true, wasn't Shiki at the top of a popularity poll for artists just recently? There was a whole KnK event in f/go too. Tsukihime is the one that's basically forgotten.

Who is more badass than Uchiha Sasuke?
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A straight Uchiha Sasuke
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Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld
Madara Uchiha

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Buy Figurines with Mari, or no 4.0
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Your favorite anime waifu i created for you. She is literally perfect and best girl. You should buy merchendise with her

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