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Rewatching with a few drinks in celebration of the release in October. God Damn I love this show. I know I have rose tinted goggles but...Fuck. I love how neutral and straightforward it is. Some fucked up shit happens every episode... Kino agonizes over killing some rabbits like vegan faggot for the sake of feeding some dudes that are stuck in the winter, and they turn out to be slave traders that ate their cargo. Kino kills them and goes "these things happen. We're only human." , on to the next town. Fucking watch this show.
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Good show. Constant philosophizing can get a little irritating sometimes though.
> constant philosophizing can get irritating
Really? Ok. I'll dial the "Kino is my waifu" bullshit down, and speak seriously. For me, a lot of these topics were.....eh entry level philosophy, for me. I think I was like sixteen. Not very smart. But I loved the "shit just hit the fan. Terrible things happened. Let's just digest it, and move forward." Attitude. It felt actually non-preachy; like it let me decide how I was going to judge or condemn the characters or whatever. Did you not get that impression? I'm legit curious.

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Can girls really love other girls?
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No. Women are incapable of loving anyone but themselves and their children.
Probably not but I wouldn't mind seeing kumiko and reina bump muffs
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Girls are meant to love girls.

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Do people honestly think they aren't fucking?
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I don't think they are. I just think Rock got use to Revy being practically naked when relaxing. She doesn't seem like the type that would fret over someone seeing her in this state anyways.
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>I don't think they are
Sorry. I still don't think they are.

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>OP by fourfolium
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>OP by egoist
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>OP by nano.RAPE
>it's actually good
jaded anime girl

Meanwhile, at the evil Kingdom of Zaloudek.
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>I'm not gay but....
Totally not the bad guys, right?
>...I'm gay

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I can think of at least one thing wrong with this sign.
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>azusa califonia isnt full of cats
Its only fault was not being as good as OREIMO.
Not anime.

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We seem to have a "what might have been" attitude regarding Highschool of the Dead. But, in truth, did it even deserve to be continued? How interesting was the story really going to get? It was actually one of the few zombie apocalypse stories I found compelling, but even around the time of the permanent hiatus it felt like it had started to run out of steam. The characters really weren't getting developed, and the sexy girl shenanigans weren't doing enough to top what had happened earlier. Fuck, nothing after the bathing scene came close to it.

Maybe in the end it's for the best it wasn't continued. We're still getting Inazuma tits from Triage-X, and what more beyond that could HSOTD have offered?
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Shizuka's erotic check up. I'm serious, if Takashi is human he would paizuri those titties at least one time.
How about, an actual conclusion? There is no point in beginning a story and stopping in the middle. If Berserk ended right where it is now, reading it would have been pointless.

The journey only has meaning if it is completed, regardless of destination. A half-journey is a waste of everyone's time.
i think the next season would have been much better for development. since we have the manga to compare, we know Hirano meets his love interest and we know what happens there. it's some deep shit and could have made the story a bit more full, apart from the superficial qualities of season 1. it's a shame it won't be continued.

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itt: characters that would make the story they're in good if they were completely deleted
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So why did she call herself Satella the first time around?

What is something you want to see in this upcoming special?
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goku vs luffy.jpg
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Goku jobbing to Luffy
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You mean it isn't one hour of pure Jiren vs Goku and instead A DB/OP crossover? Fuck that.
arigato doctor

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>character has a berserk mode
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>character dies to become stronger
>Berserker moment
>Something takes them out of it
>character nearly kills a loved one in the process and starts lamenting doing so

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Technically speaking, what would have happended if Cell had gotten ringed out by goku? Would he have surrendered? Killed himself? Blown up the planet anyway?
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He'd have gone away then returned as an ally for the Buu Saga.
considering he blew up the ring later, this would do absolutely nothing
>Parallel Universe where Cell becomes a good guy PLEASE

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what would your power and remuneration be?
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Healing, both self and others.
Remureation would be I have to hurt somebody. The result would be that one person will have to be crippled because if I ever tried to heal somebody another person would be hurt by my action
Self imposed autism
Beating off to sisy porn
Seducing any female below the age of 16.
I have to get fucked in the ass by a man over the age of 50.

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Say what you want about it, but Ryuk and that chase scene were great.
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The chase scene was only great in how fucking stupid it was
Dafoe Ryuk > manga ryuk. Pair him with the original Light and you'll have a superior duo.

I want to fuck Ragyo
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What would sex with her be like?
>wanting to fuck aliens

Ladies and gentlemen! It's the fight you've all been waiting for! In this corner... what? McWho? Who cares about them, it's pire time.
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