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Who is ready for English style moaning of testament of sister new devil?
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Fuck off.
i am so gonna pre-order this so i can get the art book :)
I'll probably check it out. I kind of like watching these type of dumb ecchi shows dubbed.

Wow anon, you're attracted to cats?
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Cute onahole.
Are you not? You some kinda faggot boy?
Ma > Elsa = Rou > Shi

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Any harem animes with an MC as cool, confident, and non-virgin-loser-self-insert as Nomura?
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Read the sticky.
trinity seven

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>awkward silence
>everyone laughs
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>please be gentle with me tonight
>guy ends up walking her home gently instead

Every fucking time
People I don't like liking the show.
>It's a "the group splits up across the town and fucks around episode"

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That's some good cake/OL shit with otaku themes right here. Who else genuinely excited about it?
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the manga is great and it's a nice change of pace to most other romances (fucking high school...), i just wish the translations happened faster

and i can't wait for sawashiro to voice koyanagi. and sugita to voice kabakura. i didn't think that couple could get any better and then they gave us the voices.
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anger folder.png
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The manga is horrible, I can't follow what the fuck is going on. Adults acting like kindergarten children.
Dunno which of you is right?

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I miss you so much. When are you coming back to me?
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Aaaaaaaa season 3 never
I know, right? I just miss it so much. I keep playing karuta by myself in my room waiting for it to come.
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Manga Chihaya has only two and a half matches to go before she will dethrone Shinobu.

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Why couldn't she shut the fuck up about the Ctarl-Ctarl empire?
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because she's the real life equivalent of black culture





The worst part of the series

Also the only memorable part, which should tell you something about it.

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Don't lie anon, you would have done the same.
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Don't care, got laid.jpg
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Of course. I wouldn't be a smug asshole about it though.

No. I would have killed myself like a respectable man, not become a monster.

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Look at this sadistic psychopath. Sending shivers up and down your spine, right?
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I can't stop looking at her
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this is a stile.jpg
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>Cafe Stile
As long as it stays at looking, pervert.

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Hikari AP.jpg
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manga or anime where female characters recieve age up cause of some magic stuff or a power up or any other motive
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Nice rec thread, faggot.
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age progression.jpg
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>”もしもーし~?はい、これが警察ですか?そうです、あそこのバカfaggot達は養女とハメしたいです。はい、逮捕してください。どうも、おまわりさん。またねー~。” ([looking at you])
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oh no, i didnt think on my first trip to japan i would be kidnapped by the mafia!
>that shit nipponese
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I tried my best. You know what I mean.

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Anime characters are often described as having "bug eyes", due to the relative size of their eyes.

What's a cuter name for those eyes?
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Puppy dog eyes
Doe eyes

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I've been waiting for the scanlation for this manga for a while now, but it seems the serialization is already over. It seem to have gone up to chapter 24 but I could only find up to chapter 20. If someone has the raws it would be great if they could post them.
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if someone would like to translate this that would be even better.

yeah im not doing this. give me a general premise and i might ask my provider.
so its about this guy who finds out his Highschool crush did porn after highschool. But now she works in the same center for elderly as him, so his confused. Then he goes on a blind date with his friend and ends up wooing a 10/10 qtπ by defending her from some thugs. From what I understood of the story the qtπ is trying to get MC's D while he's trying to figure out what happened to his HS crush between HS and present day

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Are the super dragon balls whipped out for a nice wish? Do they get nothing?
What would their wishes be?
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pretty sure goku's just gonna wish the other universes back
They should wish that DB Super never happened.
Agreed, anon.

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Do you know your waifu's birthday? Do she even have a birthday?
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February 21st.
October 14
March 13th.

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