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It looks like your crime coefficient is...
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Waste of time, officer. Everyone on this board is too beta to ever actually commit a violent crime.
nice try dog
Y-You look cute.
Can I go n-now?

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Why wasn't a S2 been made yet?

If even Kyoukai no Kanata had movies and an ova and it was utter shit. How come a S2 wasn't made yet.
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Because the anime adapted most of the novels and the author is slow as balls and has released only 1 volume since the anime aired
Better question is, why hasn't there been an Amaburi S2?
Better question is, where is my Haruhi S3?

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Anyone reading Seirei Gensouki?

The first manga was apparently cancelled due to the artist falling ill so it's been rebooted under a new artist (who draws like shit, but you take what you can get).

Anyways it's kind of amusing to see an isekai manga kick off with the MC making a childhood marriage promise only to get the shit NTR'd out of him. And this before he's even isekai'd by truck-kun.
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NTR is fucking degenerate.

i'm reading the LN/WN

he finds her in the isekai world, and she loves MC
I'm fucking tired of all this NTR baiting

Is Kaede actually too perfect an idol character? I don't sea how she can be improved upon.
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To start, she could just be haruka
that's all i can think of though

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The series, not the movies.
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It was fun to watch for the most part but I enjoyed the first season a lot more than the second season. A little short and predictable but the action was great.
One of the greatest shows ever made by Gainax.

>But Mal and reddit
Kill yourselves, those werent a thing when Gurren popped up
Currently watching it and enjoying it a lot. I'm just before the timeskip, does the series keep the quality or does it go downhill?

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>He doesn't watch 80s animes
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back to /m/ you go
hello op
If you love them so much, maybe you can explain what's so good about them - assuming you're not just talking out of your ass, that is.

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long time no new work
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Hi-budget anime original.
Why is Oishi not there?
You will see him next 5 years

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Chapters 18 & 19.
A bit late to post, but whatever.
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What does /a/ think of Trigger?
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Theyre the best studio out there. Original anime is duyin but Trigger is holding out rather well. Plus they have released great stuff and have amazing staff.

Too bad they dabble in moeshit
They really need to get better writers.
They vary between "great" and "okay". So, one of the best studios out there. But I still don't enjoy their best as much as the seasonal cgdct shows.

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The first reiclone?
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Were there even flat-top M16s back in '68?
Probably. I hear that most of Takao Saito's assistants basically spend all their time buying him replica guns to draw.
Nice, I might have to pick this up then just for the gun porn.

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Where were you when Hakuno went full /k/ and Charlemagne was confirmed to be a Keyblade Holder?
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Is this Extella 2?
Yup. Info is coming out right now on TM-Ace

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Kimi no Nawa is the best anime ever made.

I've watched everything, from Cowboy Bebop to Bakemonogatari.

I can say for sure there isn't any anime better than Kimi no Nawa.

Stop saying 80's or 90's were better.
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Try more hard.
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I tried watching it but got bored after 30 minutes and stopped and watched something else isntead

How does garbage like this even exist and get popular?
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>pink has tits
>non-beta MC
It had potential to be good and get popular.
I liked the premise but the execution was bad.

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I was planning on just putting this on notepad and giving it to my typesetter, but I'm too used to doing this.

[side] You can no longer go back.
75: Everyone's own thoughts
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She disappeared?
[Side] Anxiety continues to spread...

Yes, uhh...
It's Zenko, the one with yellow hair.
We put her to bed because she lost consciousness, but she's not in her room... should we look?

No!! Enough, don't look.
She's 'lost her footing'. I have no clue!!
She probably ran off somewhere. Leave it be!!

But, master...
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Can't you shut up!! Get away!!

Don't speak of Zenko ever again!! Tell that to everyone as well.

It's because they did something to tick off Warabihime-oiran.
Both Zenko and O-mitsu...

Like I'm saying
There's a demon at my place!
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This is what it was like! I'm sure!!

Yeah, well uhh...
Just hold up a bit.

Like this!? Can you tell if I do this!?

I think Uzui-san and Zenitsu will come here for our regular meet up...
It was like this! I know that much.
Yeah, yeah...

how can you focus on the food with tits and ass walking around ?
so dumb
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Because she's ugly as well.
Wish Tosh was an assman.
>>161667865hHow can you focus on the tits and ass with all that food on the table?
so dumb

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